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Class of 1988 25 Year Reunion - July 5, 2013
GIHS Class of 1988 will have a class reunion on Friday, July 5th from 7:30 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. at the Four Points Sheraton Niagara Falls, 7001 Buffalo Avenue, Niagara Falls. Contact Carrie Mazza-Meaney or Cece Criss-Gangemi for more information at e-mail:

Class of 1988 - 20th Reunion Photos - 2008
See 1988 Reunion Photos. 1988 Reunion Photos Part II.
Send us your favorites (not to exceed six at a time) for our consideration.

Class of 1988 Happy Hour - May 16, 2008
GIHS Class of 1988 will hold a happy hour, Friday, May 16th beginning at 7 p.m. at The Riverstone Grill, 971 East River Road, Grand Island (formerly BA's Saloon).

Class of 1988 Reunion Meeting - Feb. 2008
The Grand Island Class of 1988 will hold a 20th class reunion planning meeting on Tuesday, February 26th at 7 p.m. at the Brick Oven Restaurant, Grand Island. The reunion is planned for Saturday, July 5th at The Grand Island Holiday Inn. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Class of 1988 To Hold Reunion Planning Meeting
The Grand Island Class of 1988 will hold an informal organizational meeting on Tuesday, October 2, 2007 at 7 p.m. at the Brick Oven Restaurant on Grand Island. Please call Carrie Meaney at 773-5897 if there are any questions.
Thank you.

Subject: Welcome!
Name: Carrie Mazza-Meaney
Date Posted: Jun 19, 07 - 7:39 AM
Message: Hi Everyone!

Just trying to get the word out for our 20th High School Reunion
hoping to hear new ideas and input from everyone.
So far the only definite plan is that the Ballroom at the Holiday Inn on Grand Island has been reserved for Saturday, July 5th (by default, everything else was booked!) This weekend has traditionally been a great turnout for past class reunions. It is also fun to come home for the GI 4th of July Day Parade and see friends and family. I hope to hear from you all- please forward this website to any known classmates and we can try to have our first meeting?! I don't need to be in charge but wanted to get the ball rolling!!!!

Class of 1988 Begins Reunion Plans - June 2007
The Grand Island High School Class of 1988 has started to plan for a 20th reunion to be held in 2008. See

Below is information about the 15th reunion for the Class of '88
Grand Island High School Class Of 1988 Reunion - 2003

(left) Derek Nizalek and his wife, Anna; Darin Fields and Scott Steimle; Kim Russo, Kati Brown and Art Meaney

Mike Wilke and Lou Genovese; Tracy Adams-Dworak, Donna Gold, Phyllis Capizzi-Dworak, Melissa Schneider, Sondra Galoppo, and Karen Stedman; Kim Russo, Carrie Mazza-Meaney and Dawn Fenger-Lawley.

Geanna Powell-Ackerman and Lisa Foley; Rachael Wakefield; Rachael Hazelet Dimaio, Becky Nowak, Missy Killian, Jill Kozlowski-Doctor.

Scott Boyko and Dave Brand; Greg Prystal and Lou Genovese; Alan Manzo, Rich Dworak, Jason Dumbrowski, Bob Suffoletta and Mike Wilke

Sondra Galoppo and Scott Steimle; Dawn Fenger Lawley and Darin Fields; Tom Cannavo and Deanna Ahrens-Cannavo

Gina Calamita and Linda Haupt; Jason Dumbrowski, Bob Suffoletta and Lou Genovese; Donna Gold and Jill Koslowski-Doctor
All photos were taken Friday, July 25, 2003 at BA's Saloon, 971 East River Road, with more than 50 classmates in attendance for the GIHS Class of 1988's 15-year reunion. Classmates are invited to submit pictures to for consideration on this page. Email to

Class of 1988 To Hold 15th Reunion
The Grand Island Class of 1988 15 year reunion One night only!
7 p.m. to midnight, Friday, July 25th, 2003 at B.A.'s Saloon, 971 East River Road, Grand Island. Email for further information.

Class of 1988 Photos Taken During the 10-Year Reunion

Click photo for a larger view.

The above photos were taken in 1998 at the 10-Year Reunion. Photos from left are Jill Koslowski-Doctor, Kim Watson, Kati Brown, Tina Furgele-Gambioan and Art Meaney in a photo taken at the Saturday night event at River Oaks; Dawn Fenger-Lawley, Rachael Hazlet-Dimaio and Kirk Lawley at River Oaks; and Jody Bruno-Chadima and Darin Fields at the Friday Night Beer Blast at the Locker Room. Please scroll up for this year's 15-year reunion information.

   Reunion Planners - send us your news and we will post it online on our front page with a link to this page with the "complete story." How about a picture of your class from the yearbook? We can scan it if that will help. Send your email to Teddy Linenfelser

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