High School Yearbook- $55.00

Tickets to the Senior Prom- $20.00

Graduation Cap and Gown- $32.00

Reuniting with your classmates after 10 years- PRICELESS!



Itís time to CELEBRATE our 10 YEAR REUNION!!!

Please join Grand Islandís traditional reunion festivities!!!


Friday, July 4th, 2008

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Where: Parade and VFW

When:  Morning-Afternoon

        Donít miss out on Grand Islandís reunion kick-off!!!


But waitÖthereís moreÖ.


Where:  Turnerís and the Riverstone Grille (Old BAís)

When:  5:00- ????

       Letís just meet out for some cocktails and some fun!

Where:  River Oaks Clubhouse

          Outdoor Balcony

          201 Whitehaven Rd.

          Grand Island, NY


When:  7:00- Happy Hour

                   ~Cash Bar~

         8:00- Hors DíOeuvres Buffet

                 Cash Bar and more fun

                 all night J


Cost: $26.00 per person

**Advanced payment required for reservation


Adults Only!!


For updated reunion information, please check out the ISLE de GRANDE webpage at http://www.isledegrande.com/ and locate GIHS Reunions

or contact JJakeGI@aol.com or Hamlinrd14@yahoo.com!


Please clip and mail the bottom portion of this invitation by June 1st to:

Jeanette Donnelly (Jakubowski)

32 Allegany Ave.

Kenmore, NY 14217




Thank you- Jeanette, Rachel and Liz!!!!!!!



Name:  _________________ (Maiden name if applicable) 

Guest:  __________           Email: ___________

Attending Fridayís events:  ___ Parade/VFW   ___Happy Hour

Attending Saturdayís event:  ___ YES!!!!  ___ No L          Amount Enclosed:  ____ (Checks payable to Jeanette Donnelly)!!