By Jon Roth, Athletic Director 

            The Lady Vikings Soccer team made its 3rd consecutive trip to the New York State Tournament, only to lose in a shootout, ending an outstanding coaching career for Coach Peter Prozik.  Since 1997, under the direction of Coach Prozik, the team won six consecutive Section VI Championships and five consecutive NFL Championships for an overall record of 143-17-15 by far the most outstanding soccer program in WNY. 

            The Boys Soccer team finished 3rd in the NFL and reached the Section 6 Class A semi-finals. 

            The much-improved Boys Volleyball team finished 4th in the NFL, and had a very successful post season by reaching the Section 6 Class B semi-final. 

            The Golf team was in the hunt for the NFL Championship only to fall in the last week to 3rd place in the NFL. 

            The Viking Football team took a big hit to graduation, but still managed to win their final three Division games, leaving them in a three way tie for 1st place. 

            The outstanding Cross Country team never seems to have a down year.  The Lady Vikings finished 2nd in the NFL and 4th overall in the Section VI Championships.  The Boys Cross Country team finished 3rd in the NFL and 10th in the Section VI Championships. 

            The Lady Viking Swimming & Diving team once again finished 1st in the Frontier Division and 2nd overall in the NFL. 

            The Girls Tennis team rebounded from last years losing record to finish 4th in the NFL with a .500 record.

             The Lady Viking Volleyball team slipped from the winning ranks to finish 6th in the NFL. 

            The Girls Gymnastics team, once again competing among the biggest schools in WNY, proved that they belong with the best in WNY.

            Iím very proud to announce that all eleven Fall Sports teams qualified for the NYSPHAA Scholar Athlete Team Award and the Grand Island Vikings finished in Second Place in the NFL Fall Sports Supremacy. 

            Once again, Iím very pleased with the outstanding effort our athletes and coaches give to the athletic department, GI school district, and to the Grand Island community.






ATHLETE                         GRADE                       POSITION                 ALL STAR TEAM


Girls Swimming & Diving (7-4)            Coach Lee Herbst

                                                            Asst Coach Craig Reynolds


Mallory Fulle                             11                     100 Free                 2nd Team

Erin Bonaquist                           10                     200 Free Relay                    3rd Team

Megan Boss                              11                     200 Free Relay                    3rd Team

Jill Endres                                 12                     200 Free Relay                    3rd Team

Mallory Fulle                             11                     200 Free Relay                    3rd Team


Girls Soccer            (13-0-1) (19-1-4)             Coach Peter Prozik

                        (13-0-1) (16-1-1)            JV Coach Dave Bowman


Jessica Remmes                                   11                     Forward                      1st Team

Jessica Kuehne                         10                     Defense                      1st Team

Nicole Fischer                           10                     Defense                      1st Team

Alicia Barnaby                          10                     Midfield                        1st Team

Sara Hilliard                              12                     Forward/Midfield            1st Team

Adrienne LaLiberty                      12                     Defense                      2nd Team

Allie Weiser                              9                      Goal Keeper             3rd Team

Corrie Stolzenberg                   12                     Midfield                        3rd Team


Girls Tennis                (6-6-2)             Coach Jon Roth

                                                            Asst Coach Julie Roth


Jackie Colosi                             12                     1st Doubles                        2nd Team

Lauren McGowan                     9                     1st Doubles                        2nd Team


Girls Volleyball              (5-9) (7-9)    Coach Mary Colpoys)

                                    (7-7)(8-8) JV Coach John Head

                                                            Asst Coach Lee Nowocien


Shayna DiMatteo                      12                     MidHitter                     2nd Team


Girls Cross Country            (10-4)              Coach Don Sauer

                                                            Asst Coach Aaron Masters


MaryBeth Lacki                12                                                         1st Team


Girls Gymnastics            (2-5) (4-5)    Coach Tami Lewis

                                                            Asst Coach Lindsay Andreini


Kristen Swan                            10                                                         1st Team

Rachel Kaplan                          10                                                         2nd Team


Golf                             (10-4)(11-4)            Coach Craig Warthling


Jeff Pickel                                12                                                         1st Team

Steve Kopf                               11                                                         2nd Team

Rob Utz                                    11                                                         3rd Team


Boys Soccer            (8-2-4)(10-6-5)                    Coach Peter Kuehne

                        (12-2)(16-3-1)                    JV Coach Russ Certo

                                                            Asst Coach Ray Billica


Adam Ungaro                           12                     Midfield                        2nd Team

Rob Lorence                             12                     Forward                      2nd Team

Ryan Clark                               12                     Defense                      2nd Team

Steve Doermer                          11                     Midfield                        3rd Team

Dennis Brennan                                    12                     Midfield                        3rd Team


Boys Volleyball   (8-6)(12-11-4)            Coach Bill Schultz

                           (14-0)                          JV Coach Dave Kelly

                                                            Asst Coach Sean Quinn


Joe Balisteri                              12                     Left Hitter                1st Team

Nick Tim                                  12                     Left Hitter                2nd Team

Sean Steckelberg                   11                     Setter                           3rd Team


Boys Cross Country  (9-5)             Coach Don Sauer

                                                            Asst Coach Aaron Masters


John Connors                            11                                                         3rd Team


Football            (4-2)(5-4)             Coach Dean Santorio

                                                            Asst Coach Steve Steck

                                                            Asst Coach Mike Stauffer

                        (2-2-1)(3-3-1)                      JV Coach Mike Zuch

                                                            Asst Coach Kris Christenson


Glenn Bird                                12                     RB                               1st Team

Colin Thompson                        12                     DT                               1st Team

Justin King                                11                     DE                               1st Team

Derek Moody                            11                     TE                                1st Team

Josh Anderson                          11                     LB                               1st Team

Brandon Antonelli                       11                     C                                  2nd Team

Josh Raiser                               11                     FB                                2nd Team

Erich Skelly                               11                     OG                               2nd Team

Eric Hajnos                               12                     WR                              2nd Team

Ryan Breier                              11                     QB                               2nd Team

Ryan Gratton                            11                     WR                              3rd Team

Chris Miller                               11                     P/K                              3rd Team