Grand Island Gallopers

4-H 2006/2007 Season




6:30 7:45

Leader: Tina Giambra 773-2809

Teen Leader Kelly Williams 773-0089


October 16

November 7

November 28

December 8

January 9 2007

February 5

February 27

March 19

April 10

April 30

May 8

May 29

June 11

June 26

July 3 (decorate float for 4th of July Parade)

July 4th Parade





It is imperative that you contact Tina or Kelly if you are not able to attend a meeting. Please do not ignore this request as we plan a lot of group activities which are affected when someone does not show up.


Presale on 4-H cookies which help benefit our club will begin in February. A note will be sent to each parent when we get closer.


4-H Horse clinics start in March. Notes will be sent to parents as they are open to all 4-H members and we will need parent volunteers to drive to the clinic location.

4-H Horse shows begin mid May and run through August. Most shows are at the Erie County Fairgrounds on Saturday mornings and run until approximately 4:00 and then gaming begins. Some may be at the Niagara County Fairgrounds on Sundays. Once they are scheduled you will receive a list of shows. We would like the support of our entire 4-H team to come to the shows and assist the members who are showing as well as offer their support to the Grand Island Gallopers Club.


4-H members who would like to show a horse during the Niagara County Fair or Erie County Fair must attend at least 3 shows prior to the Fair dates. They can be at Erie or Niagara County and Tina should be notified so we can observe each rider and get club support at each show. We also have the opportunity to utilize Sue and Jackie Sondel to assist with lessons and work with each member on riding to the best of their ability and meeting the 4-H criteria for showing a horse. They will travel to your barn to train with you if possible. Any member interested in observing is welcome.


4th of July the Grand Island Gallopers participate in the Grand Island Parade. Each member is requested to be at the decorating on the 3rd and the Parade by 8:30 a.m. The theme and design will be done in the April meetings.


Once a month there are 4-H horse meetings on a Thursday night open to all WNY 4-H clubs. Any parent or member is invited to attend. They are held in East Aurora. Tina attends most of the meetings and can carpool as needed. We will let each member know in advance of the meeting. Meetings run 7:00 until approximately 9:00 p.m.


The Erie County Fair is the biggest 4-H horse show. We need all members and any parent volunteers to help decorate and maintain a clean barn at the Fairgrounds during this time. We will send home information closer to the date in August.


Dues collected will be used strictly for the 4-H club. The treasurers will keep an itemized listing of what the dues are spent on. Examples of expenditures are: Grand Island Gallopers 4-H t-shirts for each member, pens, book bags, work books, diagrams, copies, office supplies for meetings, donations for horse shows, parade decorations, Fair decorations, pizza parties/movie nights etc. We will also have a few fundraisers (selling cookies/candy bars) to raise money for our club. Please do not hesitate to contact Tina or Kelly if you have questions.