B  U  F  F  A  L  O     N  E  W  S



At the end of each summer for nearly 30 years, families have been able to enjoy an antique boat show put on by a group committed to craftsmanship and quality.

That time has arrived again.

The 29th annual Antique and Classic Boat Show and Race Boat Reunion is slated Sept. 8-10 at the Buffalo Launch Club on Grand Island and is expected to draw 200 boats.

Spectators again will have a chance to take a look at old speedboats, cruisers, sailboats and launches on Saturday. And they'll be treated to continuous "fly-bys" as they watch boats skimming the water.

This year's show is unique for a couple of reasons, organizer Rich DeGlopper said. The club is hosting the Century National Boat Show, usually held in Michigan, making the Buffalo event a "show within a show." Boat docks will be dedicated to the Century-manufactured design, the 80th year of the Century boat company, which now makes fiberglass boats. The wooden boats from an era gone by, such as the 75th anniversary Thunderbolt sporty, 16-foot, large-deck model, will be on display.

The weekend also will feature the Lauterbach Jamboree, paying tribute to recently deceased race boat builder Henry Lauterbach of West Virginia. His son, Larry, who built boats with his father, will be in town and will bring a boat owned by Jean Hoffman of Lake George, the TS-2, or two-seater, with a two-person hydroplane. The boat is able to hit speeds of more than 100 mph. A considerable number of Lauterbachs with interesting histories will be run.

This is an action oriented-antique boat show, as DeGlopper said, it mixes vintage race boats with antique speed boats and includes an antique car show.

On Friday, a seminar series runs at the Launch Club from 1 to 4 p.m., featuring speaker Ken Warby of Cincinnati, who holds the world's record for the fastest man on water at 317 mph. Warby, an Australian, broke the record "Down Under" with his jet-powered hydroplane, "Spirit of Australia," and will bring video footage of his feat and an Australian boat racing. Larry Lauterbach will talk about Lauterbach boat racing history. Tom Holm, vice president of the Century Boat Club and former plant worker, will discuss Century boats.

Sunday morning participants ride around Grand Island, a kick for residents who awaken to the sight of boats humming on the water. And that's in addition to vendors with maritime and nautical paraphernalia and model boat builders. And there's the remote RC club on display and a kid's camp where young people can paint wooden boats and pull them around in a small swimming pool. Admission is free, but a $5 per car charge for parking will be collected. For more information, check out: www.nfacb.org.