Hi everyone. My name is Becky Sommer-Stufkosky and I am Alicia Sommer's mom. She is also captain of her team, The Jr. Polka Dot Chix and we are writing to you about some really exciting news. Some of you I have already contacted so this may be repeat information. On May 20th at the Town Commons, (next to Town Hall), our team is sponsoring a huge chicken bbq. We have the backing of the Town Council and Mary Dunbar. Channel 2 is going to be doing a story on this as well. Alicia feels that she needs to do something really big this year. Last year, Relay was given the opportunity to raffle off a wonderful car due to the generosity of Mr. Billy Fuccillo. This year as you know, there is not a big raffle going on but our team thinks that this bbq could be a HUGE fundraiser. This is our idea. Our team would like to include all teams to participate in the bbq. Much of the ground work has already been completed. We are getting the tickets printed up and they should be available by the end of this week. They will be selling for $8.00 each which includes the chicken, salad, dessert, drink, roll and butter. The cost for the chicken is $3.00 and $1.25 for the salads and roll and butter. We would like to get the salads donated to save on the costs but then we have to think of how we can refrigerate them. If we buy them from the company, they supply the refrigeration. We have the lemonade, cups, napkins, and silverware packs being donated by a local business. We have written letters to the businesses on Grand Island to donate one $10.00 gift card to Sam's Club which would take care of the carry out containers, water, ice and desserts. (which would be wrapped and easy to handle) You can buy in bulk there obviously and the prices were not bad at all. We will have drive up service and walk up. A lot of the planning is done but we need help with signs, volunteers, etc. I have contacted Maria Burns with the Zonta Club for volunteers and I'm sure there are plenty of students in need of community service hours. Any tickets that your team sells would go to your teams profits minus the cost of the dinner. (just like the raffle last year) Also, some teams will be setting up tables to sell items such as bracelets, etc. I have looked into a balloon maker/face painter. The idea is to bring this town together. Our hope....1,000 dinners to be sold. This isn't about the Junior Polka Dot Chix....this is about cancer and all of our commitments to getting rid of this disease once and for all.

Please let us know if you are interested in being a part of this great event. Together, we could show everyone what Grand Island is made of.

We are sending out this e-mail to 39 teams including our own. 1000 tickets divided by 39 teams is only approximately 26 tickets each team would have to sell. Wouldn't it be great if this could become a reality? It doesn't have to end there. Will Poultry told us that they actually had a fundraiser once for 5,000 chicken dinners. (incredible)

Thank you so much for any ideas and let's work together to stomp out cancer.

Becky and Alicia