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Ken Pelkie, Southern Ontario Sprints Public Relations

Glenn Styres served notice Saturday night (May 6, 2006) that he is a contender for the 2006 Southern Ontario Sprints point title. The series opened their 11th season with a visit to Brighton Speedway.

Cool temperatures were met with hot action on the track as the twenty one sprints in attendance circled the quarter mile with lightning speed. Daryl Turford and Dick Mahoney paced the field to the green flag with Turford winning the race to turn one. The field filed through the first lap as everyone settled in while Turford continued to set the pace. By lap seven, Bob Crawford had moved into second while Styres had moved to third from his 10th place starting position.

Turford lost the handle in turn one on lap eight looping his car, bringing out the first caution of the night, handing the lead over to Crawford. Crawford set a quick pace on the restart with Styres and Adam West in hot pursuit. Styres ducked under Crawford coming out of turn two and took the lead as the pair roared into turn three.

Stan Zanchin looped his car in turn one on lap ten, bringing out the caution. He was able to rejoin the back of the field as the green reappeared. Styres, Crawford, West, Ken Swann and Dick Mahoney made up the top five as the race settled in again. Ken Swan moved into third by lap twelve and Garry Evans got by Mahoney and West to take the fourth spot by lap fifteen.

The caution waved again on lap sixteen as there was contact between Dick Mahoney and Fred Pigeon. Mahoney kept going; however Pigeon couldn’t, while John Burbridge spun to avoid contact.

With everyone restarted, Styres led the field to the green again with Crawford, Swan, Evans and West in pursuit.

The final caution waved on lap eighteen as Dick Mahoney lost a left front wheel and coasted to a stop on the front stretch.

Styres charged to the checkers after the final restart with Crawford, Swan, Evans and West rounding out the top five.

Sixth through tenth were Joe Middlemiss, Tim Phillips, John Riegling, Warren Mahoney and Kevin Job.

The series returns to action May 19th with the first visit to Ohsweken Speedway. Then Sunday, May 21, Humberstone Speedway will host the SOS for their first of two 2006 visits.


Heat #1 93 – Daryl Turford (Mitchell, ON); 0 – Glenn Styres (Ohsweken, ON); 10m – Joe Middlemiss (Chippawa, ON); 9jr – Tim Zack (Dain City, ON); 21 – Tim Phillips (Grand Island, N); 21j – John Burbridge (Simcoe, ON); 26 – John Watson (St. Thomas, ON)

Heat #2 79 – Dick Mahoney (Newmarket, ON); 42s – Ken Swan (Lockport, NY); 30 – Adam West (Ridgetown, ON); 25 – Warren Mahoney (Lefroy, ON); 69EZ – Rob Pietz (Gasline, ON); 21K – Kevin Job (Campbellville, ON); 24 – Bob McDonald (Woodstock, ON)

Heat #3 69 – Garry Evans (London, ON); 10 – Bob Crawford (Sutton, ON); 1a – John Riegling (Chatham, ON); 96 – Jim Davies (London, ON); 11x – Fred Pigeon (Prince George, BC); 5m – Brad Malloy (Niagara Falls, ON); 94 – Stan Zanchin (Fort Erie, ON)

Dash Styres, Evans, Middlemiss, Swan, Riegling, Turford

Sobey’s Feature 0-Glenn Styres (10); 10-Bob Crawford (5); 42s-Ken Swan (8); 69-Garry Evans (3); 30-Adam West (4); 10m-Joe Middlemiss (6); 21-Tim Phillips (13); 1a-John Riegling (9); 25-Warren Mahoney (7); 21K-Kevin Job (17); 96-Jim Davies (12); 11X-Fred Pigeon (15); 9jr-Tim Zack (11); 5m-Brad Malloy (18); 69E-Rob Pietz (14); 21j-John Burbridge (16); 94-Stan Zanchin (19); 79-Dick Mahoney (2); 93-Daryl Turford (1)

Points after May 6th:
1 Glenn Styres 171
2 Bob Crawford 166
3 Ken Swan 161
4 Garry Evans 157
5 Adam West 150

KENETIC Photos Hard Charger after May 6th:
1 Glenn Styres 9
2 Kevin Job 7
3 Tim Phillips 6
4 Ken Swan 5
5 Brad Malloy 4

- 9 Rookies entered the opening round of the ’06 series – Joe Middlemiss topped the list with a 6th place finish in the “A” Main
- John Watson and rookie Bob McDonald both suffered engine failures
- Rookie Fred Pigeon filed in from Prince George, British Columbia
- Daryl Turford suffered brake failure before his spin on lap 8 of the “A” Main while leading.

SOS Insider

It was a successful season opener for the Southern Ontario Sprints at the Brighton Speedway on Saturday night. 21 cars were on hand with Daryl Turford, Dick Mahoney and Garry Evans winning the heat races. Glenn Styres would capture the checkers in both the SOS Dash and the 20 lap feature event. SOS event number two is Friday night May 19th at the Ohsweken Speedway.

Unofficial Finish - SOS 20 lap A-Main
1. 0 - Glenn Styres
2. 10 - Bob Crawford
3. 42s - Ken Swan
4. 69 - Garry Evans
5. 30 - Adam West
6. 10m - Joe Middlemiss
7. 21 - Tim Phillips
8. 1a - John Riegling
9. 25 - Warren Mahoney
10. 21x - Kevin Job
11. 96 - Jim Davies
12. 94 - Stan Zanchin
13. 11x - Fred Pigeon
14. 9jr - Tim Zack
15. 5m - Brad Malloy
16. 69e - Rob Pietz
17. 21j - John Burbridge Jr.
18. 79 - Dick Mahoney
19. 93 - Daryl Turford
DNS 24 - Bob MacDonald
DNS 26 - John Watson

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