American cancer society

Relay for Life

Celebrating 20 years of HOPE



Spring, 2005



Hi.  My name is Alicia Sommer and I am writing you this letter for a very important cause.  In January of 1991, I was diagnosed with Stage III Neuroblastoma.  With the help of doctors, research and God, I was one of the lucky ones and I was able to beat this terrible disease. 


I am captain of my Relay for Life Team in Grand Island supporting The American Cancer Society.  Our team name is “The Polka Dot Chix” which has a special meaning.  What we are trying to do is connect the dots and when all of the dots have been joined, the cure for cancer will have been achieved.  The only way all of the dots can be connected is through research and of course that takes funds.  My team consists of eleven members that are all doing their very most to raise money to donate to this very important cause.  So far we have raised $430.00 selling fish bowls and raffle tickets.  Our team goal is to raise $2,000.00 but we need to get the word out there so that people can offer their support to something that has touched so many lives. 


Cancer has no friends.  It treats everyone the same regardless of age or race.  I was only one at the time of my diagnosis.   It took my aunt at the age of fifteen with leukemia.  Within the year that I was diagnosed, my Great Uncle Steve lost his battle with colon cancer and my grandfather was diagnosed with colon cancer.  A few years ago I lost my other grandfather to prostate cancer.  In my short life, I have also lost several friends from Camp Good Days and Special Times to this catastrophic disease.  When will it end?  When will this disease be defeated never to take again?   


As a survivor, I feel it is my responsibility to help in this journey.  My future plans are to become a pediatric oncologist.  Until then, I will do what I can to improve the education of people and to support organizations like the American Cancer Society. 


My team is looking for direct donations sent to me with all checks made out to the American Cancer Society.  All donations are tax deductible.  I realize that in these times of uncertainty with budgets and job loss, people cannot afford to constantly be giving but I truly believe that this is a cause that needs to continue being supported for it helps so many. 


Thank you so much for your time and God Bless.






Alicia J. Sommer

9th Grade Student At Grand Island High School


Please send donations to:

Alicia Sommer

98 Pellamwood Court

Grand Island, NY  14072


Team Members: 

Amy Blocho, Courtney Catalano, Theresa Covatto, Jennifer Huber, Deanna Paternostro, Michelle Paternostro, Alicia Sommer, Emily Sommer, Jenna Stufkosky, Kacey White and Team Adult Becky Sommer-Stufkosky