In the event of an emergency… Are you prepared?

Emergencies can strike without warning, and may stretch the capabilities of local communities. Winter storms, blackouts, equipment failures, and other natural disasters can interrupt the normal delivery of power, water, gas, food, and supplies. How prepared are you?

The Grand Island Citizen Corps Council is requesting that every household prepare for the unexpected and develop a Home Emergency Kit.

Your Home Emergency Kit should contain…

q       Food and bottled water  for three to four days

q       Supply of necessary prescription and over the counter medications

q       Clothing for three to four days

q       Blankets or Sleeping Bags

q       Flashlights with extra batteries

q       Portable AM/FM Radio with extra batteries

q       Duck tape/plastic sheeting

q       Travelers checks

q       Photo ID, drivers license and social security card

q       Eyeglasses

q       Infant/child supplies – i.e. diapers, formula

q       First Aid Kit

q       Sanitation items-soap, deodorant, disinfectant etc.

q       Activity items for children and adults


Grand Island Citizen Corps Council’s mission is to harness the power of every individual through education, training, and volunteer service to make our community safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to threats of terrorism, crime, public health issues, and disasters of all kinds.