Go, team!


Layoffs. Budget cuts. Buffalo's hard times are no laughing matter - unless, of course, you happen to come across the City Hall van parked next to the Sewer Authority Building on West Market Street.

There it sits - a blue and white truck emblazoned with the words "Mayor's Impact Team." Look a bit closer, and you notice four flat tires.

"Buffalo, so much potential, so little momentum," said William Koch, the Grand Island resident who first saw the truck and, realizing the humor in it, snapped a picture.

Koch wants to know: Are the flat tires indicative of Buffalo's inertia, indecision, inconsistency or lack of vision?

In truth, Koch is a Buffalo booster, a guy who loves the city and everything it has to offer, from its one-of-a-kind architecture to its rich history as the "Gateway to the West."

"Buffalo is a great place to visit and live," he said in a letter to Off Main. "Pass it on, and let's get those tires inflated and get the van moving."