Liz and Bob Beach, Sf.

The Adams Mark hotel in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, was the setting for this year's Beach's Motorcycle Adventures reunion in August. After a long weekend of local rides and visits to area festivals, about 100 past-tour participants filled the banquet hall for their final dinner together. Everyone, except Bob, knew they were there for his surprise 80th birthday party. As the lights dimmed, guests lit candles that had been laid on their tables and the cake was wheeled in. Bob was overwhelmed.

Family and friends had come from across the country, including Bob and Liz Beach's four children. Rob Beach, who is currently managing the Touring company, was emcee, presenting Bob with cards and letters of congratulations that had been gathered from well-wish- ers around the globe. John Hermann ('MOA #13, author of Motorcycling in the Alps and Corsica and known as "King of the Alps") arrived from California to be guest speaker. After taking 22 tours with Beach's Motorcycle Adventure Tours, Hermann brought a duffel bag full of Beach-logo t-shirts and jackets accumulated from the 1970s. His speech included his four axioms exemplified by Bob,and Elizabeth Beach: "Freud am Fahren" coined by BMW, "Go where places, are good" by Javonovitch, "Go now!" by Bob Carpenter of Road Rider, and "Every road is better shared" by John Hermann.

A good time was had by all. .



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