B  U  F  F  A  L  O     N  E  W  S

Salesman missing since visit to gorge last week

A Grand Island salesman has been missing since visiting the Niagara Gorge in Niagara Falls on the evening of Oct. 18, family members said.

Bruce Whitford, 49, last accessed the voice mail on his telephone at 7:15 the night he went missing, his brother Cameron said Wednesday, adding that the missing man's car was found Saturday parked on Vanderbilt Avenue in Niagara Falls, near the site of where he frequently went to the gorge to observe fish.

"We assumed he was viewing the fish that were running earlier in the week," the brother said.

Bruce Whitford, a valve salesman, had a notation for a "PM meeting" scheduled Thursday in his personal planner. His brother said it was unusual for appointments in his planner to be so ambiguous.

State Parks police searched the gorge with no results after Whitford was reported missing. Erie County sheriff's deputies are investigating his disappearance.

"We don't know about anything that happened," Cameron Whitford said. Whitford is asking anyone with information about his brother's whereabouts to contact the family at 909-2607 or sheriff's deputies at 662-6150.