And here are the winners for GIECOM.NET'S Second
"Grand Island Global Community Coloring Contest"
We thank all of our readers who entered the contest. Watch for more contests in the future.
Group Age : 3-6
Kevin Salonek G.I., 5 y.o.
Kevin Salonek G.I., 5 years old
Group Age :7-10
Michelle Botwin G.I., 9 y.o.
Michelle Botwin, 9 y.o.
Group Age : 11-14
Anthony Hughes Ashland City TN, 12 y.o.
Anthony Hughes, 12 y.o.
Group Age : 15-18
Lindsey Smith G.I., 15 y.o.
Lindsey Smith, 15 y.o.

Group Age : 19-up
Erika Dunning Netherlands, 19 y.o.

Erika Dunning

"Grand Island Global Community Coloring Contest"
Independence Day Contest - deadline for entries June 25, 2001
Winners announced on July 1, 2001

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       1.) Prizes will be awarded in FIVE age groups: 3-6, 7-10, 11-14, 15-18, 19 and up. Multiple entries within a family are acceptable, but only ONE entry is allowed per person. Family Prizes for the most entries will be awarded.

2.) NOTE: Anyone, anywhere in the World that is or has been related to a past or current resident of Grand Island, New York, is eligible to compete.

3.) Entries must be completed and returned to the GIECOM Office
1871 Whitehaven Road. Digital Scans, as attached "jpg's" please,
may be submitted through Email to by June 25, 2001.

4.) GIECOM.NET Inc. reserves the right to post any entry in our office and
on the Internet. All entries become the property of GIECOM.Net Inc. and will not be returned.

5.) All entries must have: Name, Age, City, State and Country of Current Residence,
Phone Number, Parents' E-mail address and a Parent's Signature.
Non-area entries must supply the Grand Island Link.
( relative, friend, and years of residence past or present).

6.) Winners will be selected July 1, 2001.

7.) Prizes will be awarded to each age group.

8.) Immediate family members of GIECOM.Net Inc. ARE eligible.

       9.) Judging will be conducted by a non-affiliated, impartial member of the community.

Name:__________________________________________________ Age: ______________
Email Address:______________________________@_______________________________
Parents' Name & Signature (if applicable):_________________________________________

Contest Draws Entry from Paris

   The lastest entry to arrive at our office for our Independence Day Coloring Contest was mailed from Paris, France by Mary Egloff. Entries have also been sent in by email and the U.S. mail from across the United States and, of course, Grand Island. Deadline is June 25, 2001. Good luck, everyone!

"Grand Island Global Community Coloring Contest"

           Thank you for your enthusiastic response to our first GIECOM.NET Grand Island Global Community Coloring Contest!  We received over 150 entries from as far away as Florida, which if you head north, truly makes it global. Winners are Jordan Davis, 6 (3-6-yr. age group); Sarah Pici, 10 (7-10 yrs. age group); Shannon Farmer, 9 1/2 (7-10); Shawn Bailey, 12 (11-14); and Grandmother Bettye Tabron (19 yrs. & up). Two Grand Island families tied in the "most entries" category with 5 each. The Samlands of Stony Point Road and the Davis family of Baseline Road will each be awarded $50 gift certificates to The Village Inn. All winners are invited to pick up their prizes at the GIECOM.NET office located at 1871 Whitehaven Road after April 18th.

Group Age : 3-6
Jordan Davis, 6 y.o.
Jordan Davis, 6 y.o.
Group Age : 7-10
Sarah Pici, 10 y.o.
Sarah Pici, 10 y.o.
Group Age : 7-10
Shannon Farmer, 9.5 y.o.
Shannon Farmer, 9.5 y.o.
Group Age : 11-14
Shawn Bailey, 12 y.o.
Shawn Bailey, 12 y.o.

Group Age : 19-up
Grandmother Bettye Tabron

Bettye Tabron

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