To Anyone Who Loves to Sing




Please accept this letter of invitation to a truly exciting event – the first steps in the formation of the Grand Island Community Chorus.


A bit of background information may help to explain how this event came to be.    While Grand Island is well represented by many talented musical groups, we lack a group that would be a vehicle for the vocal talent in our area.  Thus, the spark was lit to establish a Grand Island Community Chorus.  Over the past several months, our small group has been gathering information about establishing a singing group that will include any and all members of the community who share a mutual love of singing.


We have been most fortunate in securing the enormously talented team of Tom and Kathryn Pollard to be our conductor and accompanist.  With these two wonderfully gifted people on board, we are assured that our humble talents will be honed to their full potential (and we’ll have a great time, as well!)


To help us move to the next level, we would like to gauge YOUR interest in this burgeoning adventure.  We are having an information session to enable anyone interested to learn more about us and what we plan to do.  There is no obligation, of course, and everyone is welcome.  This might prove to be the start of something that would really fulfill your desire to have fun with people who share the joy of making beautiful vocal music.


So please join us at Historic Trinity Church, 2100 Whitehaven Road, Grand Island, NY on FRIDAY APRIL 28TH AT 7:00 PM.  You’ll get to know a little about us and we’ll get to know about you.


For more information, please call Jim at 773-5075

or Maury at 773-4105.