Grand Island Councilwoman Mary Cooke
Committed To Community

Mary with her husband Jeff, son James and daughter Jane

• President, Friends of Grand Island Memorial Library
• Lector, St. Stephen’s Church
• Secretary, Grand Island School Business Alliance (GISBA)
• Education Committee, Grand Island Historical Society
• PTA Member – Kaegebein and Middle School
• Spring Cleanup – Grand Island Blvd.
• September Beach Sweep

Grand Island Councilwoman Mary Cooke

• Moody's A2 bond rating for the Town of Grand Island-July 2005, based on conservative budgeting for several years

• Facility improvements including new water meters and more efficient motors, windows, lighting, pumps and drives to achieve energy savings

• Computerized payroll

• Employees hired after October 2002 contribute to health care

• Town departments consolidated and/or reorganized for efficiency

Make your vote count on November 8
Let's Keep COOKE-IN!

Mary Cooke Announces Candidacy for Town Council - 2005

Councilwoman Mary Cooke is proud of her record of service on the Town Board and is running for re-election on a platform of Experience, Leadership and Action. She pledges to continue working hard for all Grand Islanders and will continue to be readily available to listen to ideas and answer questions.
Cooke has served on the Town Board since 1994 Councilwoman Cooke currently serves on the Audit and Special Districts Committees and is the Town Board Liaison to the Conservation Commission, the Human Rights Committee and the Historic Preservation Committee. While not her assigned responsibility, she has helped to reorganize GIFTS (Grand Island Families, Town, School) in the past year as funding from the United Way has ended. During her time as a councilwoman, Cooke has also served as Town Board Liaison to the Cable Television Committee, Community Enrichment Council and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Councilwoman and was Deputy Supervisor from 1995-1997.
Councilwoman Cooke is known for doing her homework and getting all the facts before making a decision. While not always popular at the moment of the vote she bases her votes on facts, not emotion. Lawsuits against the Town have been prevented in contentious land development issues because decisions are thoroughly researched before a vote. Cooke spearheaded the comprehensive review of the Local Waterfront Development Plan (LWRP) that could play an important role in how Niagara River Greenway Commission funds are spent on Grand Island. She organized production of the annual Town-wide Newsletter containing the Water Quality Statement for the past six years. Along with Supervisor McMahon, Councilwoman Cooke was honored with a Quality Quest Coalition Community Stewardship Award in 2000 for her role in the 206-acre “Scenic Woods” land purchase. Cooke chaired the Sidewalk and Bikepath Committee from its inception until January 2000. During that time a sidewalk and bikepath plan for Grand Island was developed in-house and the sidewalks around the Town Common were installed. Local laws requiring sidewalks in major subdivisions in sewer districts and requiring sidewalk maintenance were passed unanimously by the Town Board. Councilwoman Cooke spearheaded the effort to consolidate sewer districts. The Town Board unanimously passed this plan in March of 1999.
Conservative budgets have been the norm in Councilwoman Cooke’s tenure on the Town Board, achieved through communication and cooperation with Department Heads and all elected officials. In July 2005 the Town was issued a Moody’s bonding rating of A2 based on several years of conservative budgeting. Cooke helped to bring the Supervisor’s 2001 budget increase from 21% to 9%. The Energy Performance Contract currently in place will achieve long term energy savings by replacing water meters and installing more efficient windows, lighting, motors, pumps and drives. Cooke has supported department consolidation and reorganization at the time of employee retirement instead of simply rehiring for the same position and supports the move to a computerized payroll. Employee and retiree health benefits continue to be examined for cost effectiveness and employees hired after October 2002 contribute to their health care insurance. Communication with citizens has been improved with production of an Advisory Board Booklet listing the purpose, meeting dates and times, names of volunteer members and terms of office for all serving the town as Advisory Board Members. Cooke spearheaded utility audits that have saved the town over $32,000.
Councilwoman Cooke is proud to be endorsed by the Grand Island Republican, Independence and Conservative Parties.
Mary Cooke serves was elected President of the Friends of Grand Island Memorial Library in May 2205 and had served as Vice-President since 1995. She has been a lector at St. Stephen’s Church for 11 years and has coordinated the semi-annual clothing drive since 1994. As a member of the Grand Island Historical Society, Cooke serves on the Education Committee and has helped organize the annual Grand Island Tour for the 4th graders since 1997. She volunteers for the PTA of the Middle School and Kaegebein Elementary School and at the Town of Grand Island’s Reality Café. Cooke serves as Secretary for GISBA (Grand Island School Business Alliance), is a member of the Grand Island Republican Committee and is Vice-President of the Grand Island Republican Women’s Club.
Cooke earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Buffalo State College in 1981 and a Master’s Degree from Niagara University in 1988. She taught Home Economics for 11 years, one year at Salamanca Central School and ten years at Wilson Central School. Cooke co-authored a middle school level home economics textbook Decisions In Action which was published in 1988 and a second edition in 1990.
Cooke moved to Grand Island in 1988 and lives on North Colony Road with her husband Jeff and children James (“Cap”) and Jane.

Octoberfest Fundraiser to Re-Elect Mary Cooke, Councilwoman - 2005

   An Octoberfest from 5:30-9 p.m. Friday, October 7, 2005 in the Niagara Sailing Club,
3619 East River Road is being held as a fundraiser to Re-Elect Mary Cooke, Councilwoman.
   The evening will feature food, beer, wine, pop, and a theme basket raffle, and a cash bar
will be available. Donation is $15 per person. For further information, call 773-7058.
   Mrs. Cooke, who has served on the town board since 1994, is the endorsed Republican,
Conservative and Independence candidate for town council in the November 2005 election.

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