Leona A. (nee Rohde) Kloss - 1910-2009


Leona A. (nee Rohde) Kloss was quite the “poet laureate”. This poem was

published in her church bulletin in 2002. It describes

her memories of her home on Grand Island from 1910-1934


“I made my way to the green, green grass of home,

a place where I once used to roam.

The homestead is still there – so weather beaten and bare.

The ice house is so empty cold, no more ice will it hold.

Looking at the fields – no more crops will they yield.

The old apple trees are still there, no one seems to care.

Fences are all fallen down, scattered all over the ground.

Standing there, I wondered why I came,

 as nothing looks the same.

Standing there with a sigh, it was time to say good-bye

to the green, green grass of home.