The Legacy of Charles Neilans DeGlopper

Born: November 30, 1921 to
   Mary Neilans DeGlopper and Charles Leonard DeGlopper

Family Home: 2176 Fix Road, Grand Island, New York

Attended Elementary School at School #5, Baseline and Bush roads, Grand Island

Teachers who taught Charles:
   Grades 1 - 4: Irene Guenther
   Grade 5: Lucy Stamler (Mrs. Richard Stamler)
   Grades 6-7: Marie Hessinger
   Grade 8: Lillian Grenzebach

June 1941: Graduated from Tonawanda High School

Entered the Army in November, 1942
   Trained at Camp Croft, South Carolina
   Sent overseas, April 1943
   Member of the 325th Glider Infantry
   Served in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and France

Killed in action: June 9, 1944 - laFiere, France

February 28, 1945
   Recommended for the Congressional Medal of Honor by Captain Wayne W. Pierce, 325th Glider Infantry, Commanding Company C

March 10, 1946
   Charles N. DeGlopper is posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest award bestowed on any member of the Army. Medal presented to his father, Charles L. DeGlopper by Major General Leland S. Hobbs at a ceremony at Trinity Evangelical United Brethren Church, Whitehaven Road, Grand Island.

December 3, 1947
   US Army Transport "Englin Victory" is renamed the "Pvt. Charles N. DeGlopper" at the Brooklyn Army Base at Brooklyn, New York.
   Following the ceremony, the ship left for Bremerhaven, Germany with arrival expected on December 17, 1947. The 7,607 ton vessel was built in 1945 in California.

April 5, 1948
   Road at Fort Bragg, North Carolina named for Charles N. DeGlopper

July 7, 1948
   Charles N. DeGlopper's body is returned from France to the NY Central Terminal, Buffalo, New York. Traveled the six miles from the terminal to the Connecticut Street Armory by caisson.

July 8-9, 1948
   Charles N. DeGlopper's body, along with two others, lies in state at the Connecticut Street Armory.

July 9, 1948:
   Evening wake is held in the family home on Fix Road.

July 10, 1948
   Funeral from family home.
   Service read by Ref. J. Franklin Beck, Trinity Evangelical United Brethren Church
   Charles N DeGlopper buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Whitehaven Road, Grand Island (actually on Stony Pt.)
   Military rites conducted by Grand Island Post 1346, American Legion.

December 7, 1958
   US Army Reserve Training Center, Colvin Blvd., Tonawanda, New York is dedicated to Charles N. DeGlopper and named the Charles DeGlopper Center. It is a 600-person armory costing approx. $500,000.

May, 1962
   American Legion Post 1346 appropriates and dedicates Charles DeGlopper Park, Baseline Road and Grand Island Boulevard, Grand Island, New York
   Garden Club, who continue today to maintain it. First services held for Memorial Day 1962

November 1965
Charles N. DeGlopper Memorial VFW Post #9249 named for Charles N. DeGlopper

October 1992
   Grand Island Historical Society WWII Display for the Huth Road Elementary School Fourth Graders. This was the first public display of Charles N. DeGlopper's Medal of Honor

June 9, 1994
   50th Anniversary of Charles N. DeGlopper's Death

June 9-11, 1994
   Ceremonies at Maple Grove Cemetery and DeGlopper Park, Skydivers and a Presentation of Flags at Veterans Park, Display of Memorabilia, Vehicles and Artifacts at Historic Trinity Church, all on Grand Island
   Organized by:
   Niagara Frontier All Airborne Chapter, 82nd Airborne, Grand Island Historical Society, Town of Grand Island

June 12, 2004
   Ceremonies at Maple Grove Cemetery commemorating his life and sacrifice 2:00 PM on Saturday, June 12, 2004.

June 4, 2010
Annual Ceremony at the Charles DeGlopper Memorial Panel at La Fiere, Normandy (France).

January 23, 2015
The Fort Bragg Air Assault School formally renamed The DeGlopper Air Assault School.