My Take Sports:
Mesi's Appeal Goes Beyond The Ring
By: Mike Dunlop
(Last Updated 9/25/02)

If you would like to contact me and give your opinion on a topic please click on my name at the top of the page and send me an e-mail. If there is any topic that you would like me to research and report on, please write me an e-mail and I will do the best I can to cover the topic. It is the goal of this column to write what is on my mind in regards to the world of sports.

-This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the yearly Walk For Lupus in Lancaster. As I arrived looking for my friends and family, with whom I would be walking with, I noticed a very familiar face in the distance. As I got closer to the face I recognized the face to be that of "Baby" Joe Mesi's. Mesi was the celebrity sponsor for this year's walk. In the past six months I have had the fortune to meet Mesi several times. In the first instance he came to Huth Road Elementary on Grand Island, NY to speak to students about how to live a clean and healthy life. Mesi spoke for well over an hour and signed autographs for students for nearly as long. He had a gigantic smile on his face the entire time he spoke and signed the autographs. While at the Lupus Walk, Mesi's demeanor was the same. He shook hands, signed autographs, and smiled. Whether or not Mesi makes a further impact on the boxing world no one will know for several more fights. Mesi has had a major influence on this community with the endless hours he has volunteered to charities and other organizations. I implore all of WNY to support "Baby" Joe Mesi by buying tickets for his fight against David Izon on October 18th at the HSBC arena.

-As I was waking up this morning I heard on the radio that Randy Moss had been arrested in Minneapolis for allegedly pushing a traffic officer with his car. As my eyes began to open, I thought to myself that I must be dreaming, for Randy Moss, the upstanding citizen that he is couldn't have possibly been arrested, or could he? According to, "Moss was charged with careless driving and failure to obey a traffic officer for Tuesday evening's incident. Witnesses told police he used his car to push the officer, who was trying to prevent him from making an illegal turn, a half-block before she fell to the ground." What makes matters even worse, police officers found traces of marijuana in his car when they searched it after his arrest. It is believed that Moss' arrest could prevent him from playing in Sunday's game against Seattle. Not only should Moss not play in Sunday's game, but he should not play in a game for the rest of the year. Moss has the brainpower and maturity level of an infant. He is a distraction to his team and to the NFL. Moss may be the most talented player in the league, but it is time for the NFL to crack down on a buffoon like Moss. When the NFL and the Vikings see Moss, they see money signs. Money talks and idiots walk.

-As I sat and watched the Buffalo Sabres preseason game last Saturday against the Ottawa Senators, I quickly forgot all of the garbage about the Sabres that has riddled the headlines in the off season. Here are some notes from the game. The protective netting that is now present behind the nets is hard to get used to, your vision is limited when you try to watch replays on the Jumbotron. The upside is now people who come to the game to socialize can do so without running risk of getting hit with a puck. The seamless glass has been replaced. The upside is that there will be less injury along the boards and the hits look and sound much more vicious. The new faces on the team seem to bring with them enthusiasm and grit, something most of the team lacked last year. I wonder how long the novelty will last.

-I think that more players should write their own books. Travis Henry might title his "Hold On To The Damn Ball!" Randy Moss could write self-help book and call it "Anger Management For Dummies." John Rigas, with the help of his sons, could write a book called, "How To Spend $50 Million From A Jail Cell." Fred Taylor could write a book called "This Old Glass Body: Will I Play A Whole Season?" Finally, Ted Nolan's title might be, "Alan and Sherry: My Tickets To The NHL."

My Take Sports:
What a Difference a Week Makes
Mike Dunlop
(Last Updated 9/19/02)

If you would like to contact me and give your opinion on a topic please click on my name at the top of the page and send me an e-mail. If there is any topic that you would like me to research and report on, please write me an e-mail and I will do the best I can to cover the topic. It is the goal of this column to write what is on my mind in regards to the world of sports.

-What a difference a week makes. The Buffalo Bills are 1-1 after a wild, back and forth victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Drew Bledsoe, Peerless Price and Mike Hollis all set team records in the win. The breaks finally seemed to go Buffalo's way and the fans are happy. Wait, did I say that Bills fans are happy? On both WNSA and WGR55, much of the conversation centers around Greg Williams and his inability to coach. When will Buffalo sports fans ever be happy? Even in victory fans moan and groan. One always hears how difficult it is to play professional sports in Buffalo because the fans are knowledgeable and rabid. After hearing people complain about the Bills winning a game, not to mention one of the most exciting games in Buffalo's history is disheartening to me. The Bills might still be in for a long season Bills fans, savor the victories while you can.

-Finally after 17 long seasons of having to watch Patrick Ewing attempt to play basketball, my wish has come true, and on Wednesday, he retired. Now I can watch the NBA without seeing Ewing, or can I? Apparently Ewing signed a contract with Michael Jordan and the Washington Wizards to work as an assistant coach. I don't feel bad for Patrick Ewing for retiring and never winning an NBA championship, but find it kind of striking that he would work for the guy, Michael Jordan, who outplayed him year after year to win six NBA championships. As the saying goes, if you can't beat him you might as well join him.

-After being forced to watch the UB Bulls football team make a mockery of themselves for a full half last Saturday against UCONN, I have come to the conclusion that UB will once again hang out in the cellar of the MAC this season. I have seen Pop Warner games more exciting than the garbage UB put out on Saturday. The only thing that made going to the game at all worthwhile was watching Tony Hawk before the game and during half time tear it up on the half pipe. It only gets tougher this week for the Bulls as they face the Minnesota Golden Gophers. UB is 31 1/2 point underdogs going into the game and will be fortunate if they don't lose by more.

-According to, Mark Hammister, owner of the Buffalo Destoyers, is meeting with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman this week to put in a formal bid for the Buffalo Sabres. According to the web site, this process may take a long time because of the mess John Rigas left behind after he stole billions of dollars from Adelphia. It is a little refreshing to know that someone has put in a bid for the Buffalo Sabres. As the season gets closer ticket sales are slow. Although I bought a ten pack months ago, I don't blame Sabre fans for not buying into a product that might not be here after this season. Listen, I don't care who buys the Sabres at this point. I am done wishing that this guy or that guy buys the team, I am guessing that many other Sabre fans besides myself are hoping for the same thing, an NHL team in Buffalo next year.

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