Town Clerk Pattie Frentzel announces that the Erie County Board of Elections will conduct a training class for election inspectors on Wednesday,  August 11, 2004 in the Grand Island Town Hall courtroom.  The school is offered for men and women who are interested in becoming election inspectors, as well as a remedial aid for current inspectors.


Two sessions of the class will be held, one at 9 A.M. and one at 1 P.M.  Anyone who is interested in attending may go to the session that is more convenient for him or her.  Inspectors who subsequently work at either the upcoming Primary or General Election are paid a stipend for attending the class. (Inspectors are also compensated for each election worked).


To be eligible to work as an inspector, a person must be a Grand Island resident who is registered to vote and is enrolled in either the Republican or the Democratic Party.


For further information, call the Town Clerk’s office

at 773-9600 Extension 600 or 622.