A Christmas Poem by Frederick Claus - December 2004
Everyone asks what I want for Christmas. But I canít think of a thing. My heart if already full. I donít really need a thing. I have love, and family, Joy and happiness. Friends are of plenty, and always true. I surround myself with Kindness, And people who are there for you. What I have in my faith and my heart, Canít be replaced with toys and gifts. I always get joy from my friends and family. Whether around me or apart. The true meaning of Christmas is not that of gifts. But to rejoice at a very special birth. To honor the holiest day of the year, And the savior in all of us. I need not any presents because I am already rich. Not with money, but with love. I am blessed with many gifts already Given to me from above. The simple things in life Are all I really need. Peace on earth, and good will toward men. Simple things you canít buy in a store. So while you are shopping this year Think of me and try not to shed a tear. For I can not afford to buy any gifts But what I have I am thankful for.
I get plenty of smiles from mom and dad. 

Hugs and kisses too. 

A warm and cozy home 

And plenty of I love Youís.


This is all I need this holiday season.

Maybe some special time sitting on daddyís lap

Why, you ask? What are my reasons?

Because the best gifts, are those you canít wrap.