Grand Island Gallopers

4-H 2006/2007 Season


6:30 – 7:45 

Leader:  Tina Giambra 773-2809  

Teen Leader Kelly Williams 773-0089


$65 yearly dues payable in 1 payment, 2 payments $32.50 November 28 and  $32.50 February 5, or 3 payments $21.67 due 11/28, $21.67 due January 9, $21.66 due February 5.


October 16—first meeting, introduction


November 7th—follow up first meeting, introduction, schedule Christmas party (members only or families) and assign items to bring.  Club supply pizza and wings—girls bring soda, desserts, games, etc. (possible date 12/8 Friday).


November 28th—lesson and homework plan.  Barn visit horse grooming with demonstrations and all have a chance to brush, pick feet, braid tails etc., bring very warm clothing.  Plan Christmas party (games? movie? etc). Choose Secret Santa ($10 or $15 max?).


December 8th—Christmas party 6:30 until 9:00?




January 9th – lesson and homework plan.  Discuss craft idea and field trips.

Choose breed, nutritional item, illness or coloring to report at next meeting on.  Short write up, pictures etc.


February 5th—Monday meeting, each person covers report, assign horse treat and ingredient to bring to make treats at next meeting.  Go over designs for t-shirts and sizes and place order.


February 27th – Make horse treats.  Homework assignment



Upcoming events:


Kelly Williams having a professional riding lesson from a  horse trainer

Trip to a horse training facility in Youngstown

Trip to Royalton, NY to visit a hay farm and beef cows

Trip to Elma to visit the only emergency vet clinic in this area

Misc. Horse clinics sponsored by Erie County Cornell 4-H

Trip to visit relationship training facility owned by a Regional Pony Boy trainer

Riding lessons when weather/ground permits

Learn safety and proper Horse handling with horses