Grand Island Senior High School Music Department

1100 Ransom Road, Grand Island, New York

The Grand Island Senior High School Music Department invites all to see the sights of old Broadway as they bring Frank Loesser’s classic musical Guys and Dolls to the Grand Island stage.  Auditions are complete and rehearsals of this well-known favorite are in full swing in anticipation of the production running Thursday, Friday and Saturday - February 5, 6, and 7.  

Guys and Dolls traces the lives of Nathan Detroit, (Adam Salemi) ne’er-do-well small time gambler, and his fiancée of fourteen years Adelaide (Mary Beth Lacki).  Nathan desperate to finance a location for his casino on wheels bets Sky Masterson (Andy Boron) that he will not be able to convince a local Salvation Army worker, Sarah, (Lillian Choi) to go out on a date with him.  Sarah’s mission is floundering but with the help of Sky, enough sinners are rounded up to keep the mission afloat. 

The cast is rounded out by  a cast of New York’s best known gamblers Nicely Nicely, (Pat Gannon), Benny Southstreet, (Jim Wright), Rusty Charlie, (James Czora), Big Jule, (Nathan Jayme), Harry The Horse (Hank Belding), Angie the Ox (Kyle Doyle), Society Max, (Vincent Covatto), and shameless gamblers (Erich Burchfield, Casey Dahlstrom, Sean Driscoll, James Pici, Forrest Smith, Nick Thompson, Donald Turner, Jim Wetherston and Zach Zarbo). Ready to help save their souls is a cast of mission workers Arvide,(Brian Choi), Agatha, (Mary Kucharczak), Brother Calvin, (Alex Marien), Martha, (Ashley Ruckinger), and General Maltilda B. Cartwright (Emily  Pici). Lt. Brannigan, (Rob Sugar), of the New York City Police force, has all he can do to keep his beat crime free. The 2004 featured dancers are Adelaide’s Hot Box Girls played by Lindsay Fetzer, Amanda George, Allie McLean, Shannon O’Brien, and Yasmin Raza    

A second Dance team set up in Cuba includes Melissa Affuso, Carissa Bailey,  Arielle Blanton, Coleen George, Erin Hanel, Kari Tondera, Nicole Koerntgen, Chantelle LeFevre, Frederica Leitlein, Julie Pangborn, Noelle Pietras, Tracey Schmidt and Cassie Ungaro.  An additional chorus of thirty seven students will entertain the audience with the hallmark production number of the show “Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat”.  Other familiar songs from the show include “Luck Be A Lady”, “Adelaide’s Lament”, “If I Were a Bell” and “I’ll Know”.  

The curtain time for all three performances is 7:30.  General admission tickets may be purchased in advance for $7 from all cast members or by placing your ticket order by phone 773-8868.