“Development Aids Hard of Hearing” 

Allwood Associates of Grand Island, New York announces the release of The Helping Ear™.  Designed and developed by Fay Wood, The Helping Ear™ is a ¾ inch gold plated clutch back pin in the shape of an ear with a red lightening bolt diagonally across.  The pin can be worn on a collar or lapel.  It indicates the wearer is hard of hearing and acts as a visual cue to signal others to speak a little slower and a little louder.  

Although Fay wears a hearing aid, she still found herself having to ask others to repeat themselves.  “It happens daily,” Fay states.  “Whether with those who are aware of my hearing loss, or with strangers, such as a waitress who’s unaware of my hearing difficulty to begin with.  They just forget my hearing difficulty and revert to speaking softly.”  

Fay notes that the unique design invites others to comment on it, which provides a natural explanation of the pin’s purpose.  “Without a doubt, I have found that once the pin is explained, others are more cognizant of my hearing loss as they can see the pin throughout our conversation, unlike my hearing aid.  Our conversations become more enjoyable and satisfying for both us of.”  

More detailed information on The Helping Ear™ and local retail outlets can be found on the website at www.TheHelpingEar.com.  The pin sells for $10.00.  Orders can also be placed by calling Bill or Fay Wood of Allwood Associates at (716) 773-1212 or by mail to Allwood Associates, 75 Woodlee Lane, Grand Island, NY 14072.