Final results from the Semi-Finals and Championship Match of the 11th Annual GISBA Corporate Bowl, which took place March 17th from the Grand Island High School Auditorium.


(x) Advanced to Championship Match

(xy) Won 10 Question Tie-Breaker to advance to Championship

(XX) 2009 GISBA Corporate Bowl Champion    

 Semi-Final Match 1

Nerds in Space                    235 pts.  (x)

The Brain Goats                    55 pts.  

The Know Nothing Party      30 pts.


Semi-Final Match 2

The What Pirates?              155 pts. (x)

Hero!                                      75 pts.

Team Blitzkrieg                     30 pts. 


Semi-Final Match 3

The Jackson 4                       105 pts. (xy)  

Jean-Claude Van Damme     105 pts.  

The No Names                         85 pts. 

(---Note: The Jackson 4 won 10-0 in a 10 question tie-breaker.  10 points were awarded for right answers, Minus-10 points for incorrect responses.)


Championship Match

Nerds in Space                      125 pts. (XX)

The What Pirates?                   65 pts.

The Jackson 4                          40 pts.


1st Place - Nerds in Space (Julia Figliotti, Luke Burkhart, Alex Richter, Alex Fry) share

$ 3,000 in scholarship money.


2nd Place - The What Pirates? (Josh Little, Kearney Erhard, Susan Head, Jon LoTempio) share $ 2,000 in scholarship money.


3rd Place - The Jackson 4 (Jeff Szczepaniak, Taylor Jackson, Greg Feathers, Evan Tsembelis) share $ 1,000 in scholarship money.                   


Time Warner Cable SportsNet recorded the semifinals and finals.  First air date will be 3/29/09 at 3pm on TWCS-Buffalo.