Corporate Bowl - round #1 - Tues., March 10, 2009 - Grand Island High School - Grand Island, NY


Here are the results from Round 1 of the 11th Annual GISBA Corporate Bowl, which took place March 10th from the Grand Island High School Auditorium.


(x) Winner Advanced to Semifinal round on Tuesday March 17th beginning at 6:00pm    


Match 1

Nerds in Space   225 pts.  (x)

Roughnecks         65  pts.

Team Kamarah      -5 pts.


Match 2

The What Pirates?   210 pts. (x)

Cameron Crazies       65 pts.

Run-4-Fun                   65 pts.


Match 3

The Brain Goats                      110 pts.  (x)

Inconstant Spring Constant    90 pts.

Organized Chaos                       30 pts.


Match 4

Jean-Claude Van Damme      165 pts.  (x)

First To Finish                           60 pts.

Victorious Secret                      -20 pts.


Match 5

The Jackson 4                  145 pts.  (x)

Remson's Rad Quartet      95 pts.

Fleet Feet                            95 pts.


Match 6

Hero!                               135 pts.  (x)

3 Girls and a Soos           85 pts.

It's Not Really Physics     50 pts.


Match 7

The No Names          105 pts.  (x)

Note-Worthy                35 pts.

Insert Name Here        30 pts.  


Match 8

The Know Nothing Party                   80 pts.  (x)

4 Dudes 1 Corporate Bowl Team      70 pts. 

Team Jarmo                                        55 pts. 


Match 9

Team Blitzkrieg      100 pts.  (x)

Bowl Busters           55 pts.

Sa-Woon                    5 pts.


There will be 3 Semifinal games of 3 teams each commencing at 6:00pm.  Semifinal matchups to be determined.  Winners of the games will face off in the Championship round to follow.

Time Warner Cable SportsNet will be there on Tuesday the 17th to film the semifinals and finals.  First air date will be 3/29/09 at 3pm on TWCS-Buffalo.