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Published: September 15, 2008 10:37 pm   

BOYS VOLLEYBALL: Holler makes some noise for Grand Island

By Nate Beutel

GRAND ISLAND Scott Holler isnt afraid to admit that he looked up to his older brothers, Glenn and Paul, when he was younger. Hell even so far as to say that he wanted to be just like them, especially on the volleyball court.

Now as hes in the midst of his senior year at Grand Island, Scott is ready to make his own mark on the Vikings program. With over 400 kills already to his credit, Holler is within reach of his cousin John Colosis school record of 764.

Its funny how it has worked out, but Scottie is probably better than both of his brothers, GI coach Bill Schultz said. Hes by far my best all-around player.

Those kind of statements might not have been thinkable six years ago, though. Holler joined the junior varsity as a short, scrawny seventh grader and admittedly had no idea where hed fit into the lineup. Then just before his freshman year, Holler had a big growth spurt, landing him at outside hitter.

I always had the hard arm swing and jumping ability, but now I had the height to back it up, he said.

As a sophomore, Holler was brought up to the varsity to start at libero because of his supreme passing skills. Then as a junior, he moved up to the net as an outside and middle hitter.

He can really play all the positions, Schultz said. Youd like to have six of him out on the court all the time.

That versatility was helped immensely this past summer when Holler and GI setter Tyler Hinaman teamed up to compete in a few junior beach volleyball tournaments. Schultz, who has competed in AVP Tour events in the past, said the beach game makes you a better all-around player while also learning the finer points of the sport.

Now, Holler is hoping he can take some of those lessons and apply them to a successful senior year.

I havent thought much about the record, but a lot of people have stepped up and I feel like as a team were going to get better as the year goes on, he said.

Holler said he hopes to play volleyball in college next year.