September 4, 2008

Photos of River Lea, Grand Island, New York

    These photos have been sent to by David Martin and are from the estate of artist Eugene Dyczkowski who lived in the home, River Lea, with Mr. & Mrs. Edward and Zora Hussey and his friend, James E. Montanari (Jim). The photos are from the 1920's and 30's. David Martin has an art gallery in Seattle where he has lived since 1986 He was born and raised in Niagara Falls, NY. Some of the photos are of Jim Montanari and taken by David Martin at River lea after Eugene died in 1987. One of the photos shows Jim hugging a tree that he had planted in the 1920's on the property.
    David is trying to document James Montanari's paintings and requests anyone with paintings or information about Eugene Dyczkowski who would share through digital photos, to contact him at:
    See “Eugene M. Dyczkowski: Lusty Realist of Depression-Era Buffalo” By David F. Martin Western New York Heritage magazine, Winter, 2004, Volume 6, number 4.

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Artists James Edward Montanari - Eugene Matthew Dyczkowski ("Dick")

Eugene Dyczkowski - Tank house At River Lea

Andrew Shaffer and Eugene Dyczkowski

Dyczkowski Painting - Tomato Patch

East River Road Women

Harry Lawrence, the gardner - River Lea

Dyczkowski In January - painting

Dyczkowski - Fountain at River Lea

Dyczkowski Trees - River Lea Painting -

Dyczkowski - Trinity Church Painting

Jim Montanari Hugging a Tree He Planted many years ago - probably 1987 photo

Boat House Along East River

River Lea - Tank house

River Lea Flowers

River Lea - Fountain

River Lea - Garden

River Lea - Garden #2

River Lea - Garden In Winter

Trinity Church Photo

Boat House - Location Not Known

Dyczkowski photo showing the factory across from River Lea, about 1940