The House Guardian                                                                                               



Because There’s No Place Like Home!!





While you are away, let ‘The House Guardian’ protect your dwelling…



         Professional Detailed Services Include:


√Watering Plants & Providing Curbside Trash Service

√Performing Full Basement Check For Water Leaks

Checking Sump Pump

Full Plumbing Checks in Kitchen, Bathrooms & Laundry Area

Flushing Toilets and Running Faucets

Checking Appliances, Checking for Mold and Insects

Furnace, Air Conditioning and Humidistat Monitoring

Starting & Running Motor Vehicles

Opening & Closing Drapes and Blinds

Rotating Lighting for Security

Summer Pool Inspection

Assure Snow Plowing or Lawn Care Maintenance

Collecting Penny Saver & Miscellaneous Mail Flyers


Other Services Include:


√Restocking Refrigerator

√Turning up Heat or Air Conditioner

Retrieving Mail at the Post Office

Resuming Newspaper Delivery, Telephone, Cable and Internet Services


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Tricia Harpster

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