Elementary School Locks Down as Police Search for Gunman
March 10, 2006, 07:41 PM EST

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Park Lane Restaurant to be Replaced by Condos?
(Buffalo, NY, March 10, 2006) - - One of Buffalo's best-known landmark restaurants will soon close to make way for the possible development of upscale condos. Mylous Hairston reports from the Park Lane on Gates Circle.
Report: Former Occidental Chemical Building to Be Torn Down
(Niagara Falls, NY, March 10, 2006) - - The former Occidental Chemical headquarters in Niagara Falls may soon be heading for the dust heap of history.
Delphi, GM Unions Say Reports of Concessions, Proposed Deal Are False
(March 10, 2006) - - Newspapers in Detroit and New York are revealing concessions in a proposed deal to keep Delphi operating in Lockport and elsewhere. But union leaders say they're still a long way from striking a deal.
Man Sentenced for DWI Crash That Killed Passenger
(March 10, 2006) - - A Niagara Falls man will serve six months in jail for a DWI crash that killed his passenger.
Boy Brought Safely Home by Stranger after School Bus SNAFU
(Buffalo, NY, March 10, 2006) - - Members of a South Buffalo family are counting their blessings for a total stranger who brought their little boy safely home.
Elementary School Locks Down as Police Search for Gunman
(Grand Island, NY, March 10, 2006) - - A Grand Island elementary school went into lockdown mode Friday after several students reported seeing a man with a gun. It triggered an exhaustive police manhunt.
Over 1,000 Phony 911 Calls from Same Address This Year
(Buffalo, NY, March 10, 2006) - - Friday, there was yet another emergency cell phone call to the same home on Buffalo's west side. First responders have been called to the same address 1,000 times or more so far this year.
Weekend Programming Note
(March 10, 2006) - - College basketball and the NCAA selection show are pushing our weekend editions of "News 4 at 6" to our sister station, UPN 23 WNLO.

(Grand Island, NY, March 10, 2006) - - A Grand Island elementary school went into lockdown mode Friday after several students reported seeing a man with a gun. News 4's Alysha Palumbo reports it triggered an exhaustive police manhunt.

A Sheriff's helicopter hovered overhead and SWAT teams rolled in after three students reported seeing a man with a gun at Huth Road Elementary School on Grand Island.

New York State Police Lieutenant Kevin Baras said, "It appeared they observed a male subject in the woodline behind the school."

Just after 11:00 Friday morning, the school went into lockdown as SWAT teams combed the woods for a suspect.

Baras said, "The subject appeared to be suspicious and carrying some kind of object in his hand. At first glance, they believed it was some type of, maybe some longer type of handgun."

Erie County Sheriff's Captain Thomas Flaherty said, "It's a law enforcement safety issue. If this person does have a gun, we would just as soon address it with the appropriate personnel."

From Grand Island and State Police to Sheriff's deputies, the neighborhoods around the school were swarming with police.

But after an initial sweep of the grounds and the woods surrounding the school, officers turned up nothing.

One police official said, "There was a threat survey done on what the children told us. We analyzed the information that the children first described, and we felt it necessary, again, erring on the side of caution, to deploy the resources to eliminate that there was such a threat."

School was let out on time Friday afternoon, but the students left one busload at a time, as police continued to search the grounds.

Flaherty said, "We're hoping to get some definitive evidence whether or not there's a sign that there was a person in the woods in that area."

With the students out of the school, police conducted a second thorough sweep, just to make sure they hadn't missed anything.