Schools work together to benefit the

Huth Road Playground and the American Cancer Society


Itís a win-win situation when middle schoolers and elementary students can team up to benefit their larger community.  And thatís exactly what happened during this holiday season between Mrs. Fonteís Family and Consumer Science students at Veronica E. Connor Middle School and Mrs. Lipp, Mrs. Kopf and Mrs. Schmittís third graders at Huth Road Elementary School .  While the students baked, the halls of the middle school were filled with the aroma of 1000 sugar cookies.  Mrs. Lippís students at Huth Road Elementary school added the frosting, sprinkles and a little bit of love before selling them the week of December 13th to the 17th to students, teachers and faculty at the school.  Thank you to everybody who donated ingredients, baked sugar cookies, frosting, bags, and sprinkles for the fundraiser.  What was learned by this exchange between schools?  The eighth graders realized that, although they have graduated from elementary school, they could give back to others by using some of their culinary skill as well as profit from their Entrepreneurship projects to provide 90 dozen cookies.  Consequently, the third graders learned to interact with their customers and put their math skills into action making change as they raised money for the Huth Road Playground as well as the American Cancer Society/Mary's Room.  We are looking forward to another successful fundraiser with almost 3,000 cookies to sell. 

Please consider the following pictures:

Picture #1:  Pictured are Mrs. Buscaglia & daughter Maiya with Abigail Blair, as they decorate cookies for the sale. 

Picture #2:  Pictured are Abigail Blair, Sean Murray, Andrew Hurley and Maiya Buscaglia displaying their cookie creations.

Picture #3:  Pictured are some of the bakers makers from Mrs. Fonteís Family and Consumer Science class at the Middle School.  TJ Morgan, Jessica Wing, Dave Mongan, Mike McMahon, Maggie Rustowicz, Nicole Burley, Sara McMahon.

Picture #4:  Pictured are Huth Road students as they purchase their yummy holiday treats!


Picture #1                                                                                Picture #2


Picture #3                                                                               Picture #4