Writing and performing one's own music for 15 years isn't such a feat – unless you’re only 21 years old. Such is the chronicle of Marc Scibilia, from Grand Island, N.Y.

Scibilia began banging away on the piano at age 6, and immediately took to writing music. At his first recital, he insisted on playing one of his own compositions. In 2000, at the age of 13, Scibilia recorded his first CD, entitled "Live at the Tralf."

That debut disc was recorded in front of an audience of 500 at the famous Tralfamadore Cafe in Buffalo. The album featured original instrumental piano pieces, which were written by Scibilia between the ages of 9 and 13.

In the spring of 2004, after winning the WKSE “Kiss” 98.5-FM “Buffalo Idol” singing contest, he released his first produced CD. The self-titled project featured six original songs. It was dovetailed by the compilation "Live in the Studio," which was also recorded live, this time in front of an audience at Audio Magic Studios in Buffalo.

Moving to Nashville, Tenn., that fall, Scibilia honed his writing skills and developed a modern sound that melds rock, pop and acoustic. 

In July 2007, Scibilia released a new, 10-track CD entitled "Fixity." The project, more than a year in the making, was recorded in Scibilia’s home studio in Nashville in between tour stops in the Far East with alt rockers Sonicflood.

With lyrical and vocal styles like Bob Dylan, and the key stroking sensibilities of Billy Joel, "Fixity" has an overall finish of progressive piano rock. It houses an impressive gamut of musical and lyrical depth, as seen in the polarities between "Lift Up Your Eyes," bestirringly performed in Hebrew, and "Pretty Good Guy," best performed in a pub.

“Overall, I am very happy with this recording,” Scibilia says. “There are a million magical things that I love, and a million things I would change if I could. Every artisan feels that. When you're involved so intimately with any form of art, it’s easy to lose objectivity. You’ll naturally see deeper than anyone else will ever think to look.

“The project sounds the way it was supposed to; it will make people feel something, and that matters far more than any of my critiques.”

While “Fixity” is sure to amaze listeners with its piano nuances and brilliantly gritty vocal passes, what’s most striking is the conviction that seems to poor out of Scibilia with each song.

The album features the radio-ready single “Worship Song,” a soulful collaboration between Scibilia and Michael Tait, former lead singer of the platinum-selling, Grammy-winning Christian rock band dc Talk. The song doesn’t pull punches when it comes to defining true worship.

“Some people think I’m too harsh at times with songs like ‘Worship Song,’ ‘Hell is on the Horizon,’ or “Pretty Good Guy,” Scibilia says. “Even I’m one of those people. I’ll hear these song ideas raw in my head, and I think, ‘I could never say something like that.’ But, sometimes I have no choice; it’s like the songs demand to be written. When I’m trying out new material for people, I usually close my eyes and hope when I’m done there’s still someone left listening. It’s the scariest thing in the world.”

“There is conviction and fire in some of these lyrics and melodies,” he continues. “Even I’m bothered by a few of them at times – but I think that’s good.”




“Let There Be Light” Music Festival – Westfield, N.Y., July 2007

Shared stage with NewSong, Jeff Deyo, Tina Marie Williams


“Fishnet” Festival – Front Royal, Va., July 2005-07

Shared stage with Leeland, Sonicflood, Big Daddy Weave, Winkie Pratney


Toured with Grammy-nominated alt rock band Sonicflood – February 2007

Thailand, Malaysia and Hawaii


Praise and Worship Music Festival – Cattaraugus Fairgrounds, Little Valley, N.Y., July 2006


Solo concert at Roberts Wesleyan College – Rochester, N.Y., January 2006


“Joshua Revolution” Youth Conference – Rochester, N.Y., December 2004-05

Shared stage with Salvador, Ricardo, Jesse Goodman, Mark Cahill


“Kingdom Bound” at Darien Lake – Darien Center, N.Y., July 2004 and August 2005


Performed at Jim Brickman's CD release at Opry Mills–Nashville, Tenn., April 2005

Other featured artists included Ginny Owens and Victoria Shaw


“Freedom Festival”– Orchard Park, N.Y., July 2004

Opening act for Rick Cua and Denver and The Mile High Orchestra


Solo concert at Western Michigan University – Kalamazoo, Mich., May 2004


WKSE “Kiss” 98.5 “Kissmas Bash” at HSBC Arena–Buffalo, N.Y., December 2003

Hosted by Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

Opened for Barenaked Ladies, Stacie Orrico, Maroon 5 and Simple Plan


Other appearances and performances include:

•”Daybreak” (Buffalo)

•“AM Buffalo” (Buffalo)

•WKSE “Kiss” 98.5 FM – Regular guest

•Grand Island High School

– American Cancer Society Fund-raiser

•TCT television show with Pastor Tommy Reid

•Variety Club of Buffalo Telethon

•Lewiston Fine Art Festival

•Buffalo’s “First Nite” – New Year’s Eve event

•LCTV 20th Anniversary Show