Spring Fancy

by Joan P. Livingston (Bidell Fred) -
Charlotte Sidway School Literary Club - 1947

In Spring a young man's fancy turns to love,
He thinks of the mating turtle dove
He thinks of the flowers and the azure skies.
But mostly he thinks of some fair Lady's eyes.

But the young lady's fancy does not turn to that,
She thinks instead, of a new Easter hat.
Or maybe a purse, or a brand new pair of shoes,
Perhaps even a new dress, if she should so choose.

The little children do not turn to love
Nor do they wish for a new lace glove
Instead they keep watch for the Easter Bunny
With his long ears and short tail, so funny.

Where does your fancy turn in Spring?
Do you wait for a wedding ring?
Some do not yearn for such a jewel
They think instead, "Spring means the end of school."

I too, repeat that happy phrase,
I also yearn for school-less days.
I leave school, happy , but return just as gay
I'm glad to go back - Well, at least for the first day.

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