Grand Island, N.Y. driver Jim Porter flips car

By Dave Cook, SOS Media Officer:

Ohsweken, Ontario, July 26. Rick Wilson of Joyceville, Ontario took his fourth Southern Ontario Sprints (SOS) victory of the season Friday when he charged through the field from his 19th place starting position. Keith Dempster of Alton, Ontario and Mike Lauterborn of Syracuse, N.Y. finished second and third respectively.

Billy Krull of Wheatfield N.Y. brought the 23-car starting field to the green but it was Lauterborn who immediately set the pace taking the lead by passing the pole sitter in turn one with Dempster sliding under Dick Mahoney followed by Warren Mahoney of Lefroy, Ontario, John Riegling of Chatham, Ontario and then Krull running in that order at the end of lap one.

Lauterborn lost it in turn four on lap five, although he managed to keep going he lost four positions. At this point it was Dempster followed by Warren Mahoney and Dick Mahoney with Krull, Lautherborn and then the charging Rick Wilson.

Two laps later Wilson had moved into third place behind Dempster and Warren Mahoney with Krull, Dick Mahoney and Lauterborn following.

The red flag flew on lap nine when Dave Goetz of Kenmore, N.Y. spun and stopped in the middle of turn two. Grand Island, N.Y. driver Jim Porter didn’t see the caution and clipped Goetz. Porter flipped to bring out a red. Fortunately no one was injured.

At the restart Dempster, Warren Mahoney, Wilson and Lauterborn again picked up the pace. On lap 11 Wilson picked off Warren Mahoney and the field ran in that order until Wilson passed Dempster on the back straight on lap 13. 

Dempster moved in to challenge for the lead once again on lap 15 when he and Wilson went side by side down the backstretch. Wilson, however, managed to maintain his lead and went on for the win with Dempster, Lauterborn, Warren Mahoney and Krull following.

“The track was really great tonight,” said Wilson following his fourth win of the season, his third this year at Ohsweken. “We had the set up right on tonight. The crew had a argument about which set up to go with and we finally settled on our heat-race set up,” he said.

Oddly enough, the set worked fine in the heat except for the fact Wilson thinks he might have caught a rut and damaged his right front wheel. He failed to finish the heat. But in the feature Wilson had no problems and motored from his 19th starting place.

Dick Mahoney finished sixth while Riegling, Mike Galajda of Delaware, Ontario, Adam West of Ridgetown, Ontario and Les MacMillan of Belmont, Ontario rounded out the top 10 finishers.

Glenn Styers, popular driver and Ohsweken’s track owner finished 11th with a bad shock while Curt Sherwood of Sanborn, N.Y. who was driving his back-up car finished 12th. Sherwood had an engine blow in the heat which locked everything causing his car to go off at turn one and flip.

Charles McCann of London, Ontario, Ken Bayliss of Hamilton, Ontario, Tim Phillips of Grand Island, N.Y., Phil Plant of Brantford, Ontario, Bob Mesmer of Grand Island, N.Y., Paul Ballantyne of Brantford, Ontario and Phil Armishaw of Binbrook, Ontario rounded out positions 13 through 19 while Dave McLeod of Kenmore, N.Y., Porter, Goetz and Jim Sweers of Westover, Ontario were not running at the finish.

Signet Tools Heat One: 1. Dick Mahoney, Newmarket, Ontario; 2. Mike Lauterborn, Syracuse, N.Y.; 3. Billy Krull, Wheatfield, N.Y.; 4. Charles McCann, London, Ontario; 5. Jim Porter, Grand Island, N.Y.; 6. Glenn Styers, Ohsweken, Ontario; 7. Paul Ballantyne, Brantford, Ontario; 8. Rick Wilson, Joyceville, Ontario-did not fnish.

Signet Tools Heat Two: 1.Warren Mahoney, Lefroy, Ontario; 2. John Riegling, Chatham, Ontario; 3. Mike Galajda, Deleware, Ontario; 4. Phil Plant, Brantford, Ontario; 5. Adam West, Ridgetown, Ontario; 6. Tim Phillips, Grand Island, N.Y.; 7. Bob Mesmer, Grand Island, N.Y.; 8. Jim Sweers, Westover, Ontario; 

Signet Tools Heat Three: 1. Keith Dempster, Alton, Ontario; 2. Les MacMillan, Belmont, Ontario; 3. Ken Bayliss, Hamilton, Ontario; 4. Dave MacLeod, Kenmore, N.Y.; 5. Dave Goetz, Kenmore, N.Y.; 6.Phil Armishaw, Binbrook, Ontario; did not finish, Curt Sherwood, Sanborn, N.Y. and Vinnie Christiano Jr., Tonawanda, N.Y.

RBM Carriers Dash for Cash : 1. Dempster, 2. D. Mahoney, 3. W. Mahoney, 4. Lauterborn, 5. Riegling.

FEATURE: 1.Wilson, 2. Dempster, 3. Lauterborn, 4. W. Mahoney, 5. Krull, 6. D. Mahoney, 7. Riegling, 8. Galajda, 9. West, 10. MacMillan, 11. Styers, 12. Sherwood, 13. McCann, 14. Bayliss, 15. Phillips, 16. Plant, 17. Mesmer, 18. Ballantyne, 19.Armishaw, Did Not Finish: McLeod, Porter, Goetz, and Sweers.