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Kaegebein's Annual Musicale Draws Large Audience - 2004

Jodi Robinson Photo - Click for extra large view

   The Kaegebein School Musicale drew a packed house on Thursday morning, December 23, 2004. All students, faculty and many parents and relatives came to hear the children sing and the band and string ensemble play their instruments. Santa took a break from his busy day and came to watch the very energetic performance. At the end of the students' program, the faculty chorus sang for the audience. Their final song, "A Holly Jolly Holiday" was performed with the Kaegebein student chorus.

Kaegebein Choir Visit Prechools, Golden Age Center - 2004

Joanne Kud Photo - Click for extra large view

   The Kaegebein Elementary School Choir, conducted by chorus teacher Renee Michki, shared their holiday concert music with preschoolers at St. Timothy Lutheran Childcare Center and the Jack and Jill Community Preschool. The group also visited the Golden Age Center where they sang Christmas carols at lunchtime to an appreciative audience of senior citizens. The students worked very hard and gave up much of their free time to prepare for these performances.

Kaegebein 4th Graders Celebrate Native American History - 2004


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   Students in Ms. Alexanderia Zimmerman’s fourth grade class at Kaegebein Elementary School have been very busy the months of November and December. The students have been working with Miss Mahon, a student teacher from Medaille College, to celebrate local Native American history. The students have worked in groups to recreate the 5 original tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy. Miss Mahon and Ms. Zimmerman formed the 6th tribe that later joined the Confederacy. The students made authentic headdresses specific to their tribe, chose a Native American name, made wampum bookmarks and created false face masks with information about each tribe. In addition, students created a 30-slide PowerPoint presentation that they shared with all of the 4th grade classes. To culminate the project, students created authentic longhouses, Iroquois villages, Iroquois cookbooks, played Iroquois games, and made pumpkin pie and squash soup for the entire class. Overall, the hands on experience the students were given will provide a lifelong understanding of local Native American history.

Day & Night Concerts At Kaegebein - 2004

Music Teacher Renee Michki leads the chorus.
Jodi Robinson Photo - Click for extra large view

    The Kaegebein School third grade chorus and fourth/fifth grade chorus had three performances on Wednesday, December 9, 2004. Mrs. Renee Michki led the chorus, accompanied by Mrs. Julie Deuble on the piano and Grand Island High School student Jill Endres on the flute. Each chorus sang three holiday songs and then joined together for the finale. The older chorus performed a cute song in the dark using red and green flashlights. Two performances were held in the afternoon for other students at Kaegebein, while the evening performance filled the high school auditorium with family and friends.

Kaegebein Fifth Graders Graduate From DARE Program - 2004

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By Jodi Robinson

   108 fifth grade students graduated from the Erie County Sheriff's Department D.A.R.E. Program on Wednesday, December 1, 2004. During the 10-week program, Sheriff's Deputy Joseph Belden instructed students how to avoid tobacco, drugs and alcohol. The students had to complete a workbook, have good attendance and write an essay to graduate. One student was picked as top essayist from each of the five fifth grade classes. They are Jessie Knab from Miss Amy Hopkins' class, Corey Price from Mrs. Susan Latona's class, Rachael Watt from Mrs. Susan Skrabacz's class, Amber Carpenter from Mr. Mike Stark's class and Ryan Proctor from Ms. Karen Cartwright's class.
   Many dignitaries were on hand to give their congratulations including the Sheriff's Department's Chief Deputy Richard Donovan, Town Supervisor Peter McMahon, School Superintendent Dr. Thomas Ramming, Principal John Wiertel and Legislator Chuck Swanick.

Choral Concert At Kaegebein School - 2004

   Kaegebein School's Winter Choral Concert will take place Wednesday, December 8, 2004 at 7 p.m.

Kaegebein Students Receive Books Through PTA & RIF Program - 2004

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By Jodi Robinson

   Friday, November 12, 2004 was the first of three PTA sponsored book distributions at Kaegebein School. Mr. Michael Stark's students are shown above picking out books that are paid for by the Federal "Reading Is Fundamental" program and by the Kaegebein PTA. Due to the increase in enrollment this year, it was just one book per student. The PTA set up tables on the auditorium stage where there were hundreds of books to choose from.

Fall Instrumental Concert At Kaegebein School - 2004

   The Fall Instrumental Concert by the Kaegebein School band and string students will be given on Wednesday, November 17, 2004 at 7 p.m.

Kaegebein PTA Holds Annual Bookfair - 2004

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By Jodi Robinson

   The Kaegebein PTA held its annual bookfair this week. Tuesday evening an ice cream social was held for students and their parents along with a chance to view the books. Students were also given the opportunity to buy the many beautiful books available when they visited the sale with their classes on Wednesday and Thursday, October 13-14, 2004. The pictures above show Mrs. Kathy Fik's second grade students with visiting Chinese teacher Li Jai Shen.

Kaegebein School Scholastic Book Fair Family Night - 2004

   Kaegebein Elementary School's Scholastic Book Fair Family Night will be held from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 12, 2004. All are welcome to attend. For more information contact Vicki Harnden, 773-3138 or Heather Figler, 773-4722.

Kaegebein PTA Holds Room Parents Tea - 2004


(Left) Tea chairman Amy Nicolia and Kaegebein PTA President Lisa Missert
Jodi Robinson Photo - Click photo for a larger view.

   The Kaegebein PTA held a room parents tea on Wednesday, October 6, 2004 to get the teachers and parents together to plan this year's classroom events. Over ninety participants enjoyed baked goods while discussing the teachers' needs. Tea chairman Amy Nicolia is thankful for all the help the volunteers give throughout the year.

Kaegebein School Sundae Social - 2004

   A Friendly's Sundae Social will be held in conjunction with the Scholastic Book Fair at Kaegebein Elementary from 6:30-8:00 p.m. October 12, 2004. Sundaes are pre-ordered and there will be a limited number of extra sundaes available for purchase at the door. For more information please call Susie Falter, 775-1417.

Kaegebein PTA Presents Apple Day - 2004

Jodi Robinson Photos

   It is a tradition at Kaegebein Elementary School to commemorate Johnny Appleseed's birthday (September 26, 1774 or 1775) with an apple and a story about him. Johnny's actual name was John Chapman and he was born in Leominster, Massachusetts. During the early 1800's Johnny traveled westward planting apple seeds he had collected from cider presses in Pennsylvania. Much of what is known about Johnny Appleseed is mixed with legend. Johnny Appleseed is celebrated in frontier legends as a symbol of westward-moving civilization.
   Each class was read a story about Johnny Appleseed and then a delicious Empire apple was given to each student. Above, Miss Hopkins' fourth grade students listen to Councilwoman Mary Cooke read the author's notes from a book titled, "Folks Call Me Appleseed John." The program is sponsored annually by the Kaegebein Elementary School PTA.

Kaegebein Students Experience Teachers From China - 2004

Li Jai Shen with Mr. Stark's class (left). Gifts presented to Mr. Stark in China (center). Li Han reading with Miss Hopkins class. (right) School #87 in China(near right).
         Be sure to click photo for a larger view.
By Jodi Robinson

   The Kaegebein students in Mr. Michael Stark and Miss Amy Hopkin's classrooms are especially lucky this fall. Two Chinese teachers, Li Jia Shen and Li Han, are spending three months working with the teachers and their students. This all came about when Mr. Stark took up the offer of the NYS Teachers Union to teach in China for five weeks this summer. He was the only teacher in the state to go to China, traveling at his own expense. Mr. Stark left two days after school let out and went to Middle School #87 in Changchun, Jilin Provence. The middle school is for grades 7, 8 and 9, and has over 3,000 students and 180 teachers. The city of Changchun has more than 7,000,000 people and is about the size of Chicago. Mr. Stark taught 14-year-old students, seven days a week, with an occasional day off. He was referred to as "Happy Man" because he is always smiling.
   Li Jia Shen has been teaching for six years and Li Han for 16 years. They both teach English and have very long days at school, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. most evenings and 6 1/2 days a week. The class size in their school is generally 60 students, for a period of 45 minutes. The students have a month long holiday in the summer and more than a month in the winter to celebrate Spring Festival which is the biggest celebration in China.
   Li Jia has been teaching Mr. Stark's fifth graders Chinese every day during "Chinese Corner." The students have learned many words and phrases including hello, thank you, good morning, please, apple, hockey and nice to meet you. She is currently working on her Masters degree. Li Han is giving Miss Hopkin's students Chinese lessons several times a week. She also works with the reading groups and in the centers. All the children in the classes enjoy working with the teachers and learning a new language. Li Han mentioned she really enjoys gym class with Mrs. Sue Stark, as they don't have time for gym in their school. The teachers have enjoyed visiting Niagara Falls and attending a Grand Island High School girls soccer game during their visit. At the end of their stay in November, they will have the opportunity to visit Washington D.C. and New York City for site seeing on their way home to China.

Kaegebein Book Store Is Open For Business - 2004

Jodi Robinson Photos

   Thanks to the efforts of Kaegebein PTA members Vicki Harnden and Kathy Posch, the school store is well equipped to handle all the students' supply needs. Mrs. Lynn Ackendorf's class of third graders were the first visitors of the day on Thursday, September 9, 2004. A bright array of folders, pencils, erasers and change purses may be purchased along with paper, pens, binders and even boxes of tissue. The store is scheduled to be open every Wednesday during lunch period throughout the school year.

Kaegebein Announces September Events - 2004

   The new school year is fast approaching and the secretary of Kaegebein School, Mrs. Carol Pizur, is on the ball! Mrs. Pizur has sent us the calendar of events for September. Check out the listing below to see what is in store for the students.
  • Wednesday, September 8th - 6:30-8:30 p.m. - Parent Orientation
  • Wednesday, September 8th - 9 a.m.-12 p.m. - School Store
  • Thursday, September 9th - 9 a.m.-12 p.m. - School Store
  • Monday, September 27th - 9 a.m.-10:30 p.m. - Apple Day
  • Wednesday, September 29th - 9 a.m.-2 p.m. - School Picture Day

    Kaegebein 5th Grade Moving Up Day - 2004

    Members of Kaegebein’s Class of 2004 “Golden K” award recipients with Principal John Wiertel are (left) Marina Ortiz, Jessica Osvath, Kathryn Boutet, Katie Brady, Eugenia Taylor, Christopher Shemik, Evan Shaw and Brian Brink.
             Be sure to click photo for a larger view.
    By Kathleen Ganz

       The balloons floating above the crowds in Kaegebein’s gymnasium read, “Congrats Class of 2004 …You did it!” And the cheers and applause from the audience confirmed it.
       Members of the Class of 2004 said goodbye to their school during the annual 5th Grade Moving Up Day, with musical accompaniment by the school band.
       Principal John Wiertel opened the program, telling the students their friends, families and teachers were there to “celebrate your achievements and successes.”
       Kaegebein alumnus Brett Kern was guest speaker, advised the attentive students to take advantage of all the opportunities Grand Island schools have offer.
       “Use and develop your talents,” he said. “When you get to middle school and high school, take electives, AP courses, music, sports . . . listen to your parents and to your teachers, choose your friends wisely, keep your grades up and try your hardest. You won’t be disappointed if you give your best effort.”
       Principal Wiertel presented the President’s Education Award for outstanding academic achievement to Iris Savory-Burke, Patrick Thompson, Ariana Mendel, Alan Endres, Sara Diletti, Jason Chadwick, Sara Victor, Nicholas Battaglia, Evan Shaw, Larissa Gelyon, Bethnay Cinelli and Kristiana Montaldi.
       Kaegebein PTA 2nd Vice President Vicki Harnden presented a flowering plant to President Kathy DeMarco, as thanks for service and dedication to the Kaebegein PTA.
       Library Media Specialist Pat Rizzuto announced Jessica Osvath as the fifth grade Super Sleuth for winning the most weekly games in her category. Jessica successfully followed the clues all year that led to the answer. “Those truly blessed know where to go to find information,” the librarian said.
       Eight 5th graders won Gold K awards for demonstrating academic excellence, high achievement, good citizenship and exemplary behavior and leadership.
       Winners are Jessica Osvath, Marina Ortiz, Eugenia Taylor, Evan Shaw, Kathryn Boutet, Christopher Shemik, Katie Brady and Brian Brink.
       The event wound up with an entertaining “5th Grade Scrapbook,” the class song and a reception.

    Kaegebein School Students Celebrate Flag Day - 2004

    Paul Szafran Photo - Click photo for a larger view.

       Kaegebein School students, faculty and staff dressed in red, white and blue on Monday, June 14, 2004 in honor of Flag Day. A morning assembly took place at the flag pole in front of the Love Road school with Principal John Wiertel serving as MC and leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Music teacher Renee' Michki led the singing of patriotic songs and the school band played under the direction of Mr. Sherm Lyke.

    Kaegebein Second Graders Perform "Little Red Riding Hood" The Musical - 2004
    Photos by Jodi Robinson

       The Kaegebein School second grade students of teachers Mrs. Kathy Fik, Mrs. JoAnne Piccone and Mrs. Deanna Schoenberg performed in a play on Thursday, June 10, 2004 titled "Little Red Riding Hood," the musical. The students, wearing creative costumes, sang and danced during the play which had a twist from the original version. In this musical, the wolf decided to mend his ways and give up being nasty and be nice. In return he received one of grandma's cookies, peanut butter with a chocolate kiss on top!

    Kaegebein Students Complete Immigration Research Project:
    On Display At Buffalo & Erie County Historical Museum - 2004
    Kaegebein School student Alex Howard took part in the recent Immigration Research Project.

       Students from Kaegebein Elementary School on Grand Island participated in a unique and historically significant project on June 5, 2004 in conjunction with the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Museum. The students of Mrs. Susan Latona’s 5th grade class and Mrs. Linda Zimmerman’s 4th grade class completed an immigration research project reflecting the culture of Buffalo in 1890 – 1920. Their goal was to research and compile data on a specific subject, develop an appealing and informative display board and finally, to prepare a dynamic presentation that would highlight the discoveries made in their research. After weeks of preparation, research and practice, the students presented these projects to the staff and directors of the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Museum. The public was also invited to walk through the display stations that were set up by the students.
       Some of the project topics were: The Pan American Exposition, Toys, Games and Sports, Art, Famous People, Buffalo Art, Economy, Religion, Immigrant Families, Industry and Music. Students worked individually and with partners to prepare speeches that were delivered to the public and to judges from the Historical Society. The students were provided feedback by the Museum’s Education Division in the areas of Organization, Information, Props/Artifacts, Vocabulary, Presentation Style and Understanding.
       Everyone who participated worked extremely hard on this event. The students' dedication and commitment was quite evident. In the state court area of the museum were over 30 elaborate display boards and artifacts gathered by the students. Each student genuinely showed extensive knowledge of their material. The students remarked that they learned much more about Buffalo’s History as a result of being a part of this experience than they would have from simply reading a textbook.
       Mrs. Latona and Ms. Zimmerman worked extremely hard to coordinate this event for the students. They are to be commended for their dedication to this project and for providing these Kaegebein students this unique opportunity to expand their knowledge of Buffalo’s History.

    "What Would You Do?" Performed By Kaegebein Students - 2004
    Jodi Robinson Photos - Click photo for a larger view.

       The Kaegebein School third grade class of Mrs. Lynn Ackendorf and the fourth grade class of Mrs. Tricia McDonald performed a wonderful play on Friday, June 4, 2004. Written by Mrs. McDonald, the production was done in a game show format titled "What Would You Do?" The "hosts" read a situation that a student might encounter and the contestant received points for his/her answer. With help from "angels" and "devils," the students made their choices. During commercial breaks students performed commercials with singing and dancing.

    Kaegebein School PTA Officers - 2004

    Click photo for a larger view.

       Kaegebein School PTA officers installed in the Buffalo Launch Club May 25, 2004 are: (seated left) Kati Posch, President Lisa Missert, Principal John Wiertel, Deanna Shoenberg, Kim Schopp; (top) Patty Shaw, Heather Figler, Vicki Harnden, Kim Kernin, Amy Nicolia.

    Kaegebein Second Graders Memorial Day Celebration - 2004
    Kim Baldassare/Jodi Robinson Photos - Click photo for a larger view.

       Kaegebein School music teacher Renee Michki should be very proud of her second grade students. The Memorial Day Show, "My Country," included many patriotic songs including "This Is My Country," "This Land Is Your Land" and "My Country Tis Of Thee." The students also sang a medley of old tunes featuring "Yankee Doodle Dandy," "Dixie," "Home On The Range," "Polly Wally Doodle All The Day," "Skip To My Lou" and "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic." The second graders sang with great gusto and pride. Nice job by all.

    Completed Kimonos On Display At District Art Show - 2004

    Jodi Robinson Photos

       The fifth grade classes at Kaegebein Elementary completed their year long kimono project and some were on display at the District Art Show at the high school. Art Teacher Alexann Incao plans a special project every year for her fifth grade students. This years project was researched, planned and painted over the entire school year. All the kimono's are on display in the art hall of Kaegebein School.

    Kaegebein Students To Give Patriotic Salute - May 2004

    Kaegebein students practice for the patriotic salute, “My Country.”
    Kathleen Ganz Photo - Click photo for larger view.

       The second graders at Kaegebein Elementary School will be honoring service men and women with “My Country,” a musical salute to patriots.
       Music teacher Renee Michki, who directs the performance, said the children will be on stage at 2 p.m. Wednesday, May 26, 2004 in the school auditorium. All parents and community members are invited.
       Speakers, in order of appearance, are Jacob McMahon, Mariah Koepp, Adam Wilson, Jessica Keller, Patrick Hall, Frankie Koch, Zachary McFarland, Molly Smith, Stephanie Kowalak, Madeline Jackson, Jeremy Smith, Darnell Rodgers, Vincent Malpica, Alessandra Price, Erin Sereby, Elliott Michki, Ashley Kroetsch, David Cich, Cory Rozell, Amanda Weselak, Anna Nicolia, Ciara Howley, Christina Herman and Jason Cichon.
       Soloists for “America the Beautiful” are Natalie Baldassarre, Michael Battaglia, Magdalyn Chauby, David Cich, Jaskira Dhaliwall, Cassie Gilbert, Zachary Jones, Ryan Kubik, Alexandra Montesano, Gregory Nicolia, Darnell Rodgers, Marissa Ruffalo, Heavyn Skura and Amanda Weselak.

    Kaegebein Choirs Visit Sidway - 2004

    From left: Third Grade Chorus, Fourth & Fifth Grade Chorus, Combined Chorus.
    Click photos for full view
    Jodi Robinson Photos

       The Kaegebein School third grade chorus and the fourth and fifth grade combined chorus entertained Sidway School students on Monday, May 17, 2004. The third graders performed first, with Kaegebein music teacher Renee Michki leading them. Their choral director, Mrs. Christine Clendening, was home with her newborn baby. The group sang three songs, and added sign language during one of the selections.
       The fourth and fifth grade chorus sang four selections. One of the songs was sung in Engish and in Spanish. Another selection featured two girls who memorized the "Preamble To The Constitution." The last selection got the audience moving to the sound of "We Go Together" from "Grease." The two choruses joined together at the end to sing "An Irish Blessing."

    Mary Jane And Herm Auch Visit Kaegebein - 2004

    Jodi Robinson Photos

       The illustrator/author team of Mary Jane and Herm Auch visited Kaegebein School on Monday, April 26, 2004. The duo create wonderful picture books through a combination of painting and graphic work on the computer. Mrs. Auch paints the characters and Mr. Auch scans in the paintings and works his magic in a program called Photo Shop. She has written and/or illustrated over 30 books, of those she has collaborated on eight with Mr. Auch. The children enjoyed learning the process of writing and illustrating a book. Some of the beautiful books by the Auchs are, "Souperchicken," "Poultrygeist," "I Was A Third Grade Spy" and "I Was A Third Grade Project." Mrs. Auch has also illustrated for other writers and has a very distinctive style.
        The dancing birds pictured above were made by the second and third grade students after looking at Mrs. Auch's picture books, "Peeping Beauty," "Hen Lake" and "The Duck Quacker." The students used tempera, glue, sequins, feathers and other items from art teacher, Mrs. Alexann Incao's magic cupboards.

    Rock N Read At Kaegebein School - 2004

    Kim Baldassare Photos - Click each photo for a larger view.

       Kaegebein School students fully enjoyed "Rock N Read," a 1950s event on Thursday, April 22, 2004. The children had to read 10 books for the month to participate in the activities that included the limbo, fifties dancing, hula hoops, ice cream sodas, jump rope and more. They also had their picture in the pink cadillac.

    Kaegebein School Shows Enthusiasm For Mrs. Blakelock's Honor - 2004

    Jodi Hayes Robinson Photo

       Kaegebein School Kitchen Manager Dorothy Blakelock was named the 2003 Chamber of Commerce Senior Citizen of the year. Kaegebein School students and staff made her feel like a star on Thursday, April 1, 2004. Dorothy received hundreds of beautiful handmade cards from her students who all wished her congratulations. Two big signs were placed on the walls of the food service line along with bouquets of flowers on the line itself. Gifts to commemorate the occasion included a photo album and a beautiful plaque with a quote from Mother Teresa. At last count seven tables of admirers will be attending tonight's dinner in her honor.

    Boston Massacre At Kaegebein - 2004

    Click photo for larger view
    Kathleen Ganz Photo

       Students in Michael Stark’s fifth grade at Kaegebein Elementary School presented a play, “The Boston Massacre … Revisited” for the families and classmates on Friday, March 5, 2004. The play was part of their unit on the Revolutionary War. In this scene from the play, the Tories are pelted by the patriots who want to free their country from British rule.
    Click for more photos by Kim Schopp-Baldassare
    Photo #1
    Photo #2
    Photo #3
    Photo #4
    Photo #5

    Tyler Marmino Wins Kaegebein's Spelling Bee - 2004

    Click photo for larger view
    Kathleen Ganz Photo

       Kaegebein 4th grade student Tyler Marmino is heading to Starpoint Central School this weekend (Mar. 13-14) to represent Grand Island in the regional Spelling Bee. In a nail-biting competition, Tyler beat his fellow “ace” spellers at Kaegebein to win a place in the big race at Starpoint, where he will compete against 130 other students from Niagara Region schools. The first-place winner on Saturday will take home a $100 savings bond and a trophy. Tyler, pictured here with Principal John Wiertel and his fellow fourth and fifth grade spellers, beat the competition by correctly spelling the words “gravel” and “glisten.”

    Kaegebein's 3rd Graders Welcome "Mr. K's Mobile Planetarium" - 2004

    Kaegebein third grade students were thrilled with their visit to “Mr. K’s Mobile Dome Planetarium.” From left are Nick McKenna, Jesse Campanini and Daniel Konopski with science educator Paul Krupinski.
    Click photo for larger view
    Kathleen Ganz Photo/Story

       If Kaegebein students are hurrying through dinner and dishes these days, it’s probably because they’re anxious to get outside by 7 p.m. and stare at the stars.
       Third grade teacher Janice Ahne said science educator Paul Krupinski of Cheektowaga was invited to bring his Mobile Dome Planetarium to the school to present a program on searching the skies.
       The huge gray inflatable planetarium was set up on the auditorium stage, and the children crawled in a few at a time to see what was going on in “Mr. K’s Mobile Dome Planetarium.”
       The planetarium is an inflatable traveling classroom. The fabric dome inflates with a fan, and is about 16-feet in diameter and 12 feet high. Seated quietly inside the planetarium, the children took a virtual trip to Mars, talked about the Rover, found polar ice caps, saw a storm on Jupiter and discovered that the Milky Way is not our only galaxy.
       After visiting each planet, Mr. K. amazed the children with a view of the starry night sky.
       “If the sky is clear tonight, this is what you will see,” Mr. K. told the students, pointing out stars, planets and constellations. The children excitedly pointed out the heavenly bodies they had been studying in class, recognizing the Big Dipper, Orien’s Belt and the North Star.
       Mr. K. said he was very impressed with the student’s knowledge, saying they were “very well prepared.”

    Great Americans of The Twentieth Century Is Kaegebein's 4th Grade Play - 2004

    Click photo for larger view
    Kim Schopp Baldassare Photo

       The Kaegebein School 4th grade classes of Miss Andrea Solecki, Mrs. Joan Vandermey and Mrs. Stephanie Radomski performed a play titled, "Great Americans of The Twentieth Century" on Wednesday, March 3, 2004 in the school auditorium. Student Ryan Proctor served as announcer and some of the cast members were Michael Hall as Orville Wright, Zackary Reese as Martin Luther King Jr., Matthew Foote as Teddy Roosevelt, Shane Bennett as FDR, Ryan Proctor as Louis Armstrong, Kaitlyn Gilbert as Eleanor Roosevelt and Miranda Riley as Martha Graham.

    Fourth Graders Make Fish Prints - Feb. 2004

    Kaegebein Hallway Display Of "Gyotaku Prints."
    Jodi Hayes Robinson Photos

       Another great project directed by Kaegebein Art Teacher Alexann Incao is the "Gyotaku Prints" made by the fourth grade students. In China, the fish represents abundance. It brings happiness, wealth and wisdom. "Gyotaku" means fish rubbing. Fish printing originated in Japan or China in the early 1800's. In Japan, it is practiced by sportsmen to preserve record of their catches. The students painted rubber fish replicas with shimmery paint and then made an imprint on rice paper.

    Kaegebein 5th Graders Kimono Project 2003 - 2004

    Mr. Michael Stark's fifth grade Kaegebein Elementary School students
    Jodi Hayes Robinson Photos

       Art Teacher Alexann Incao does indepth projects with her 5th grade students every year. This year's project is a larger than life rendition of an Asian kimono. The students started in the fall learning about the ceremonial garments described as 'a loose, floor-length, traditional, Japanese garment that has wide sleeves, wraps in front and is fastened with a sash.' The kimono style reflects art and culture, as well as special occasions of the wearer. They frequently include the beauty of the seasons, imperial dragons, insects, cranes and characters. Mrs. Incao's classroom is filled with music as the students work toward completing their project. Maurice Ravel's "Bolero" played in the background on MOnday, February 23, 2004 when the photos were taken. The students have access to over two dozen books on Asia and its art at their disposal. The finished works will be on display in the hallways at the end of the school year.

    Kaegebein 2nd Graders Treated To Valentine's Breakfast - 2004

    Kim Schopp-Baldassare Photos

       Students in Mrs. Kathy Fik's and Mrs. JoAnne Piccones 2nd grade classes celebrated Valentine's Day with a Pancake Breakfast in the Kaegebein cafeteria on Friday, February 13, 2004. The Room Parents from both classrooms made heart shaped pancakes and sausage for the children who in turn created the a Valentine Craft while the food was being prepared.

    Second Graders Paint Tigers - 2004

    Jodi Robinson Photos

       This year's theme in art classes throughout the school district is "Animals in Art." Kaegebein art teacher Mrs. Alexann Incao went a step further and made it Asian influence in art. The projects are spectacular and will continue to be shown as they are completed. Displayed this week in Kaegebein's halls are ferocious tigers painted by the second grade students. In China, the tiger represents courage and therefore is quite revered.

    Mr. K And His Mobile Dome Planetarium Visits Kaegebein - 2004
    Jodi Hayes Robinson Photos - Click photos for a larger view.
    Mrs. Janice Ahne's third grade class is shown above (center) waiting excitedly.

       Thanks to the Kaegebein School PTA, the students were very lucky to have a planetarium come to school on Wednesday, February 11, 2004. The mobile dome is an inflatable traveling classroom. Its size measures 25'x 25'x 11'high. Entry is through a "tube" attached to the side. The program is 40 minutes long and covers constellations, planets, stars, solar systems and comets. Astronomer Paul Krupinski (Mr. K) has been presenting programs in the planetarium for over 10 years. The students really enjoyed this learning experience.

    The Story Of Pecos Bill - 2004
    Click photo for a larger view.

       The third grade students of Mrs. Lynn Ackendorf and Mrs. Janice Ahne performed the tall tale story of "Pecos Bill" in January. Students used their best cowboy voices to make the characters come to life. Some of the play characters were Slue-foot Sue, Pecos Bill, Coyotes, Cookie the Cook, Carl the Cowboy, Ma, Pa, Judge, Ranch Hands and the narrators Cowboy Sam and Cowgirl Pam. Great fun was had by all.

    Kaegebein PTA Sponsored Used Book Exchange Makes Students Happy - 2004
    Mrs. Lynn Ackendorf's 3rd grade students are shown enjoying Wednesday's used book sale.
    Jodi Robinson Photos

    Checking out the selection of books for third grade students, from left, are Mitchell Cancilla, Jane Cooke and Cassandra Oursler.
    Kathleen G. Ganz Photo

       The third grade students of Mrs. Lynn Ackendorf had a happy but tough time deciding which books they should choose from the hundreds and hundreds donated throughout the year by Kaegebein families. A Kaegebein School PTA project, the donated books are collected in a plastic bin at the front foyer all year. The students were invited on Wednesday, February 4, 2004 to pick out three age appropriate books for themselves and three books for younger siblings at home. Angela Sereby from the PTA was one of the volunteers who replenished the books as new classes entered. The students were instructed to pass the books to their friends and then get them back to the donation site when they were done.

    Mrs. Skrabacz's and Mr. Stark's Fifth Graders Have Special Visitor
    PFC Federspiel with cousin, Geoff         -         Mr. Stark and PFC Federspiel
    Jodi Robinson Story and Photos

       Army Private 1st Class Mike Federspiel made a surprise visit to his cousin Geoff Federspiel's class on Wednesday, January 28, 2004. The fifth grade students of Mrs. Susan Skrabacz and Mr. Michael Stark at Kaegebein had plenty of questions for Mike, home on a two-week leave from Iraq. Mike joined the Army 18 months ago and has spent the last 10 months in Iraq. He is based near Saddam Hussein's home town of Tirkit and was part of a security force involved in his capture. He did not witness the capture first hand, but did see the hiding spot that he said was as small as a casket and lined with concrete. From questions asked by the students, they learned that it gets up to 140 degrees in summertime and the soldiers are wearing full gear, carrying an additional 60 to 70 pounds in equipment. Sand is everywhere with vegetation only near water sources.
        Mike has had to defend himself many times from guerilla fighters who ambush the soldiers. One story told of Mike jumping off a vehicle to tackle a bomber speeding away on a motorcycle. The pride Mike feels in being a soldier is enormous. He appreciates the support of all the Americans at home. "If there is nothing behind you, nothing to believe in, there is nothing to fight for."   Mike "loves being a soldier," and puts pride and effort into it every day. He has earned the respect of many of his fellow soldiers and was named "The Soldier of the Month" last July.
       As far as living conditions, Mike says it's not too bad. The soldiers he bunks with chipped in together to buy video and TV equipment that they spend time relaxing with. They were also able to buy beds to sleep in. There is an internet cafe that makes it easier to stay in contact with his relatives and friends.
       He said the food isn't all bad. When the soldiers are able to get to the larger bases (usually each day), dining halls are available with food quite like home.
       Mike has to go back next week but plans on being home sometime in April. Our thanks go to men like Mike. In fact, he mentioned thanking veterans of all ages for being there to defend our country.

    "Very Dairy Magic Show" At Kaegebein - Jan. 2004
    Students are thrilled with magic show!
    Jodi Robinson Photos

       The "guys with the cows" sent magic representatives to Kaegebein School on Wednesday, January 13, 2003. The "Milk For Health" campaign, sponsored by the Organization of Dairy Farmers of Western New York, spread their message with magic. Magician Rob Allen and his assistant and wife of 30 years, Carol, entertained the 2nd and 3rd graders. The message, of course, was drink lots of milk, but was given using disappearing birds, eggs and coins, an umbrella that lost its canopy and a talking cow picture. A lucky second grade girl became an assistant and magically baked a cake without any heat! The kids were in awe of the production with lots of smiles, clapping and oohs and ahs.

    Kaegebein Students Take 1st, 3rd In Hoop Competition - 2003

    Shown left is Stephanie Senn with her first place trophy. Ryan Miller is shown accepting his 3rd place trophy

       The Niagara Falls Elks Lodge #346 hosted the Local Hoop Shoot Finals on Saturday, January 10, 2004 at Niagara Falls Sr. High School. Kaegebein School was represented by Scott Bennett and Jeanne Taylor for the 5th grade, and Stephanie Senn and Ryan Miller represented the 4th grade. Stephanie Senn won first place in the 8/9-year-old girls division and Ryan Miller placed 3rd for the 8/9 year-old boys division. The Island winners are shown with Ken Perry, Exalted Ruler of the Niagara Falls Elks Lodge #346. Parents of the athletes expressed their appreciation "to Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Stark for providing the Kaegebein kids this fabulous opportunity!" Stephanie will be moving on to the next level of competition on January 24th in Albion NY.

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