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Kaegebein Play "The Mystery of the Library" - May 2007
(left) Lyle Crocodile and friends.
(left) Captain Underpants
Jodi Robinson Photo - Click for larger view

   The second grade students of Mrs. Susan Kupiec, Mrs. Patricia Ludwiczak and Mrs. Karen Cartwright put on a play Friday, May 11th titled "The Mystery of the Library." Written by Mrs. Kupiec and Mrs. Ludwiczak, the play was about students being locked in the library the night before a big project was due. Some of the students had not started their report while the three "Brainiacs" had theirs on the computer. When the electricity goes out and the computers don't work, everyone is left in the same situation, no report. Through advise from the bookworms, librarians and many characters from books, the children are able to complete their report and get out of the library. The costumes, sets and actors were all wonderful.

Mother's Day Presentation - May 2007

Mother's Day Presentation
Jodi Robinson Photos

   Mrs. Kathy Chadwick's fourth grade students invited their mother (or significant female like grandmother or aunt) to a Mother's Day Presentation on Friday, May 11th. Each student created their own presentation to honor that person. Some examples were cards, posters, poems, playing their instruments, and powerpoint presentations. Each student presented their mother with a carnation and the mothers were treated to cookies, tea, lemonade, and coffee.

You're Invited To Kaegebein Memorial Day Show - Spring 2007

Mrs. Susan Kupiec's second grade class takes a break after rehearsal.
Jodi Robinson Photo - Click for larger view.

   Students in the second grades at Kaegebein Elementary are hard at work preparing for the annual Kaegebein Memorial Day Show. This year's program, My Country, which will include a slide show of relatives and other loved ones who are/were in the military, will be presented at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 in the school auditorium. Families, friends and community members are invited to join the Kaegebein school students as they honor our country's service men and women. Kaegebein music teacher Renee Michki is program director.

Kaegebein Elementary Students' Art Displayed At School - May 2007
Vincent Van Gogh Sunflower Paintings By 4th Grade Students
Vincent Van Gogh Sunflower Clay Pieces By 5th Grade Students
Jodi Robinson Photos - Click for larger view.

   Kaegebein Elementary students have been busy with art projects that are now on display in the halls of the school. Art teacher Mrs. Alexann Incao has had help from a "fantastic" student teacher, Miss Kim Walker, who is a former Kaegebein Elementary School student of Mrs. Incao and is attending Mrs. Incao's alma mater, Daemen College. Miss Walker created the Global Project, "Culturally Diverse Paper People," that the 2nd grade students completed.

Illuminated Manuscript Letters By 3rd Grade Students
"Culturally Diverse Paper People" By 2nd Grade Students

Ceramic Pots created by 5th Grade Art Club Members.

Kaegebein Students, Teachers Learn About Relay For Life - Spring 2007
(left) Mrs. Booker and her second grade class
(right) Mrs. Booker addresses the students.
Jodi Robinson Photos - Click for larger view.

   Kaegebein second grade teacher Cyndi Booker has been the team captain for Kaegebein's Relay For Life team for the past four years. This year she is getting all the students involved in their own mini-relay. A presentation regarding all of the educational and exciting things they will take part in was made to the teachers and students on Monday, April 30th. Throughout the month of May students will be learning how to prevent cancer and to live a healthier lifestyle. Mrs. Booker has put together a comprehensive program for the teachers that will include nutrition, preventive measures, physical fitness and sun safety. Along the way there will be a Cutest Baby contest with teachers pictures, and an opportunity to make a donation and get a chance to vote. On Hat & Sunglasses Day, students will be able to make a donation and so they can wear a hat or a pair of sunglasses for the day. T-shirt sales, donations from family and friends and luminaria sales will all add to the experience of a real relay. On Friday, May 25th the classes (teams) will be given a set time to walk a track that is being devised by the school gym teachers. The teachers were given a purple folder with all the information and a purple bow to display. May 1st was "Paint the Town Purple Day" and students were invited to wear purple to school. The relay theme is "Kaegebein Kids Can Give Cancer A Kick."

Kaegebein/Huth Road Schools Enjoy Captivating Author Visit - Spring 2007
(left) Huth Road Elementary Students are shown with authors
(right) Storytellers Mitch Weissand and Martha Hamilton as they appeared at Kaegebein Elementary.
Click photos for larger view.

   The students at Huth Road Elementary School and Kaegebein Elementary recently had a wonderful opportunity to listen to the Beauty and the Beast Storytellers spin their tales and enjoy the art of storytelling. This program was part of the annual author visit organized by the librarians at Huth and Kaegebein, Ms. Vinnie Passanese and Mrs. Pat Rizzuto, and sponsored by the PTA.
   Beauty and the Beast Storytellers is a husband and wife team of Mitch Weiss and Martha Hamilton. Winning audiences and critical acclaim throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia since 1980, they are renowned for their work in teaching the art of storytelling, and are also award winning authors and recording artists.
   In preparation for their visit, students at both schools were exposed to literature and folklore from many countries around the world and participated in a variety of creative writing and storytelling activities. The authors spent a day at each school (April 3rd and 4th) where they gave four performances throughout the day, one for each grade level. At Huth Road, the librarian arranged a breakfast before school so teachers could mingle with the guest authors. An “Authors Luncheon” for students followed the morning presentations. Students in each class were asked to write an essay about why they would like to have lunch with the authors. One student from each class was selected to represent their class at a special lunch in the library with Mitch Weiss and Martha Hamilton.
    At Kaegebein, the authors enjoyed a luncheon with the faculty, and Kaegebein’s Girls’ Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Renee Michki performed a selection from the musical Beauty and the Beast for the authors.
    “Mitch and Martha’s Author Day Visit” was wonderful! Their personal warmth combined with their love for storytelling left our children with a special gift…the knowledge that they to can make up and also tell great stories, and preserve this oral tradition.

Kaegebein Students Raising Money To Fight Cancer - 2007
   (Grand Island, NY) – Students at Kaegebein Elementary are joining in the fight against cancer by raising money and walking the school grounds on Friday, May 25th beginning at 9 a.m. Kaegebein students are holding a “Mini-Relay,” which is an abbreviated version of the American Cancer Society’s® national signature activity, Relay For Life®. Students will be collecting donations throughout the month of May and will walk a course planned by Physical Education Teachers Mr. Andrew Curtis and Miss Kelly Greene for one class period as designated by their teachers. Students can order special T-shirts for the event and participate in some fun activities such as the Cutest Baby Contest (baby photos of the teachers), Wear Sunglasses/Hat Day and "Chip in for Cancer" (golfing event).
   “It’s a great opportunity for the students to make an impact in the community as well as become knowledgeable about cancer. The students feel good about themselves knowing they are doing something to help others,” said Mrs. Cyndi Booker, second grade teacher at Kaegebein and the “Mini-Relay” coordinator. The “Mini-Relay” will be an all-day event, and they plan to include healthy refreshments from those in the community that are interested in donating.
   The Grand Island Relay For Life will take place June 8-9, 2007 at the High School Track for the American Cancer Society’s mission of saving lives from cancer. The money raised by the Kaegebein students will be donated to Relay For Life in the name of their school.

Kaegebein Elementary PTA Talent Show/2nd & 3rd Grades - 2007

Left: Second & Third Grade Ensemble. Right: Danielle Duck, Brianna Wik, Gabrielle Robinson, Haley Melisz
Left photo: (back) Rebekah Gaydosh and JuneAnn Chadima; (front) Taylor Cecere and Olivia Goc
Right photo: Madeline Dallesandro
Jodi Robinson Photos - Click for a larger view.
   The Kaegebein Elementary PTA Talent Show was held on Friday, April 20, 2007. The morning show was made up of second and third graders, while the afternoon show was fourth and fifth graders. Performances included many fabulous dances, three piano solos, two comedy routines, a drum solo and a soloist in the morning. Special thanks go to Mrs. Deby LeFevre of Step In Time Dance Studio and parent helper Mrs. Rosanne DelSignore along with other parents, Mrs. Duck, Mrs. Melisz, Mrs. Wik, Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Nicolia who got everyone in the right spot.

A Musical Play On Life Cycles At Kaegebein - 2007

Reg Schopp Photos - Click for a larger view.
   The second grade classes of Mrs. Kathy Fik and Mrs. Cyndi Booker presented a musical play on Life Cycles on April 17-18, 2007. The students dressed up as different characters including: butterflies, deer, fish, rabbits, tadpoles, plants, biologists, gardeners, zoo keepers and snakes. Each group sang a song about their lifecycle or career.

Kaegebein Elementary Spelling Bee - 2007
(Left) Spelling Bee Participants; (right) The winners and alternate from left: Lillian Von Reyn, Grace Scherrer, Annie Niland, Aaron Cook and alternate Cinque Foster.
Jodi Robinson Photos
Click photos for larger view.

   The Kaegebein Elementary School fifth grade spelling bee was held on Friday, March 16th and was very exciting. The last two contestants vying for the alternate spot went eight rounds before they were done. The spelling bee contestants were Lillian Von Reyn, Natalie Baldassarre, Vincent Malpica, Justin Graesser, Michele Aronica, Grace Scherrer, Brian Cooper, Ciara Howley, Angela Pozantides, Sydney Quarantillo, David Madigan, Annie Niland, David Cich, Aaron Cook, Cinque Foster, Alex Montesano, Alex Cousins, Christine Herman, Zachary Jones, and Emily Valint. The winners from this spelling bee who are going to the regional spelling bee are: Lillian Von Reyn, Grace Scherrer, Annie Niland and Aaron Cook. The alternate is Cinque Foster. The fourth grade students also held a spelling bee on the same day.

Sidway/Kaegebein School News

"Read Across America Day" - 2007
(Left) Natalie Baldassarre; (right) Mrs. Pam Shoemaker's first graders.
Jodi Robinson Photos

(left) Kaegebein Librarian Mrs. Pat Rizzuto and Sidway Librarian Mrs. Karen Beacher

Click photos for larger view.

   Sidway School celebrated "Read Across America Day" and 50th birthday of Dr. Seuss' Cat In The Hat story on Friday, March 2, 2007. Readers from Kaegebein Elementary arrived early in the morning and in pairs were escorted by Sidway students to their classroom. Each read a book of their choosing in the classroom to the kindergarten and first grade students. After reading, the Kaegebein students were treated to cookies in the dining room before they went back to school.

Kaegebein Second Graders Visit Aquarium - February 2007

Shown are students from Mrs. Kathy Fik's class enjoying a visit to the Aquarium of Niagara along with other 2nd grade students and teachers.
      Kim Schopp Photos - Click for a larger view.
   The second grade classes from Kaegebein Elementary School enjoyed a visit to the Aquarium of Niagara in Niagara Falls, NY on Tuesday, February 13, 2007. The students spent the morning viewing penguins being fed, watching the sea lion show, learning about different sea creatures and their environment and experiencing the touch tank. The tank held crabs, lobsters and other ocean life. After enjoying lunch at the aquarium, the students headed back to school.

Kaegebein School Post Office Sponsors Two Contests - January 2007

Contest winners shown are (front left) Kaitlynd Howell – Gr. 3, Lisa Fankhauser – Gr. 3, Anthony Alessandra – Gr. 3, Nolan Miles – Gr. 4, Taylor Internicola – Gr. 3
(back) Lillian von Reyn – Gr. 5, Lauren Kullerkupp – Gr. 5, Kelsey Percival – Gr. 4, Michael Podlucky – Gr. 4, Marissa Ruffolo – Gr. 5
Click photo for a larger view.

   The Kaegebein Elementary School Post Office recently sponsored two contests, a Grade 3 Writing Contest and a Grades 4/5 Poetry Contest. Grade 3 Writing activity required students to write about their favorite or most memorable Christmas morning while following the rules of the activity. Grades 4/5 Poetry Contest requested students to write a poem using Christmas or winter as the theme while following the contest criteria. Participating students used their imagination and creativity to complete each activity. Winners for each contest are shown above.

Kaegebein Music Students Earn High Scores - Jan. 2007
   Students from Grand Island Senior High School, Veronica E. Connor Middle School, Huth Road Elementary and William Kaegebein Elementary participated in the All-County Solo Auditions (Elementary, HS Jazz and Vocal Solo, Elem., H.S. Vocal Solo & Jazz All-County Solo Auditions) on Saturday, January 6, 2007 in the Depew Middle School.
   Fourteen fifth graders from Kaegebein auditioned and the entire group scored 97 or above with some receiving a perfect score. The students tried out individually behind closed doors, while being judged by a adjudicator. Mike Robertson, new instrumental music instructor at Kaegebein, is to be commended as are the participating students in the Kaegebein School music program who took part for the first time.
Kaegebein Students
Ryan Allen
Marissa Atkinson
Natalie Baldassarre
Magdalyn Chauby
Heavyn Dreher
Rebekah Gaydosh
Ciara Howley
Emma MacIntyre
Elliott Michki
Alexandra Montesano
Andrew Riederer
Eric Riederer
Jillian Sheehan
Molly Smith

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