April 17, 2007



LWVBN: Tonawanda Landfill Review Meeting Apr.25
Write your Erie County Legislator.
Michelle Ianello, District 10 < iannello@erie.gov
It has been suggested that we contact our Erie County Legislators about the Tonawanda Landfill Report.
This Landfill is visible from Grand Island, and is right across the East branch of the Niagara River from us.
Originally it had been determined that all the nuclear waste should be removed, but because of budget concerns, ad deal was struck for partial removal.
"Shouldn't this be on the agenda of both the Health and Energy & Environment Committees of the Erie County Legislature??? 
If it isn't, there needs to be a letter asking all these questions that can be clocked in at the Legislature so it can be sent to those committees.  
Shouldn't the County government be an advocate for the health of its citizens???"
There are always loads of questions to be asked.
A lot of radioactive material was dumped and/or left in the area generally, and there is not much the citizens can do except to keep the subject alive...
    let them know we are watching and we care, and not let the public forget it's there.. get our concerns into the public record.  
    You don't have to know a lot... just common sense will lead to interesting questions.  
    The authorities quite often like to minimize the problem by talking about background levels, etc. but the truth is, it's there, it's odorless, tasteless, very long-lasting, and close to the lake.In fact, I believe it's the portion north of the road (in front of the landfill) that really has a lot of radioactive waste (RW) in it, dumped there during the Manhattan Project prior to the first atom bomb.  
Tonawanda Landfill Review Meeting--Apr. 25
7:00- 9:00pm    Tonawanda City High School
Mar 26, 2007

Corps of Engineers Releases Tonawanda Landfill Report
Mar 21, 2007
Public input welcome on Tonawanda Landfill
The Buffalo District, Corps of Engineers has completed the proposed plan for the Tonawanda Landfill detailing the recommendations for the radionuclide residues found there. I have extended the review period to 90 days, until June 26, to ensure an adequate public review.
Contact your County Legislator,and ask that th issues raised by our concerns are placed on the agendas of the Health & Safety and Environment Committees. 

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  Submitted by-- Elsa Bondar 1894 Bruce Lane Grand Island, NY 14072