Town Supervisor


Working For You In Washington, D.C.

·      $450,000 Grant For Grand Island Boulevard Sewer Line.

·      Led Successful Fight To Separate Our Land From Seneca Lawsuit

 Working For You In Albany, N.Y.

 ·     Saved $1.6 million for residents by having the NYS DOT upgrade the West River Road before the transfer to the Town of Grand Island.                            

·      Obtained Millions in Grants for Sidewalks, Bike Paths, Recreation, Open Spaces and Master Planning.

·      Protected 34 Acres Of Waterfront.

 Working For You Right Here At Home

·     Cut Costs By Consolidating Departments and Eliminating Senior Management Positions.

          ·      Introduced 5 Year Capital Spending Plan

              Outstanding Record of Public Service      


        -       RELAY for LIFE – Co-Chairman      2005 - 2007


        -       Veteran – U.S. Coast Guard 1st Class Petty Officer


        -       Boy Scouts of America – Troop Leader


        -       Grand Island Fire Company – Joined 1959 - Fire Chief 1982-1988


        -       St. Stephen’s School – Advisory Board 2 Terms


        -       Town Supervisor – Since January 1st 1998


Leadership Is Key – 











Brought in over 3 million dollars in Federal and State money to Grand Island.


     -          $250,000 For sidewalks in the Town Center 2 months before being elected.

-          $150,000 For improvements to Veteran’s Park for Parking, Softball Fields and additional restrooms which will be constructed in the spring of 2008

-          $400,000 to extend sewer lines down Grand Island Blvd. from Top's to Burger King.

-          $600,000+ to make safety improvements to the East/West River Road thru Buckhorn to connect existing bike trails.

-          $50,000 to help purchase 200 acres open space between River Oaks and Ransom Road

-          Other grants were received for playground equipment, to revise Local Waterfront Revaluation Plan (LWRP), the Master Plan for Scenic Woods, Bicentennial & Spicer Creek Wetlands.

-    $1.6 million DOT Grant to resolve traffic congestion & improve traffic flow at the intersection of Staley and Grand Island Blvd. Project is in design with construction scheduled for 2009 or 2010.










Efficient & Cost Effective Government

- Consolidated the offices of Receiver of Taxes into the Town Clerk office to save thousands of     dollars and still improved the service to the public.

- Eliminated two management level positions in Water & Waste Water Departments, replaced with
  one position in Engineering Department.

- Established town-wide fleet maintenance system. All possible work to be done in house which.
  A regular maintenance program reduces breakdowns and increases the usable lifespan for        vehicles.

- Working on an employee sharing concept which will allow the town to shift staff during peak
  work-load hours.

 - Instituted an energy performance project. The cost is being funded by guaranteed savings in
    the town energy bill. During first year $37,000 was saved above the guaranteed savings.













Recreation and Open Space


 - Negotiated a gift of 17 acres on Bush Road, protected as open space.

 - Led efforts which resulted in purchase of 203 acres known as Scenic Woods – The #1 priority of town's Conservation Commission and it connected 5 existing town parcels creating a single 275 acre open space.

 - Personally appealed to Assembly members and the Assembly Speaker for the restoration of  Spicer Creek wetlands to the New York State list of property eligible for state purchase. This was the DEC Region 8's highest priority, which had been removed from the list by the former Governor, ultimately the wetlands were acquired by DEC.

 - Added additional facilities at Veteran's park including a baseball diamond, football field and two softball fields.

- Planted 150 Sesquicentennial trees, 25 American Elm. Joined Re-Tree WNY which will result in at least 60 more free trees in the park and along Grand Island blvd.

- Thruway has widened both the Baseline and Buckhorn Park overpasses to provide safe bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Shoulders along Grand Island Blvd. have been improved to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians.








 - Successfully led fight to get Grand Island separated from the Seneca Land Claim suit. Grand Island was dropped from the U.S. Justice Department’s claim by the former Director, during former President Clinton’s the last week in office.

- Established Supervisor’s Committee for Historic Preservation, which was then formalized as a Town Advisory Board.

- Established Supervisors Committee for Economic Development. This committee was also formalized as an Advisory Board. The Economic Development Advisory Board has successfully worked to win $97,500 for Long Road property.


Election Day – Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Paid for by friends to elect Pete McMahon