The M.O.G. fitness center on Grand Island Blvd is proud to announce the winners of the “I lost it at the club” contest sponsored by IHRSA (International Health and Racquet Sport Association).  Between the dates of 1/3/05 and 3/6/06 The M.O.G. was one of 16 Fitness Centers across the United States that offered this incentive to their members.

 Results were based on % body fat, weight and inches lost

First Place

Francesca Gallagher

Lost 12 lbs, 3.5 inches, and 4.9% body fat

 “When I found out that I won 1st place, I could not believe it!!!

I joined the gym because everyone told me I should; now I go to the gym because I tell myself I should.  Now I see what hard work and dedication can do.  I feel better, my clothes fit better and most of all my cholesterol came down 64 points.  I no longer take cholesterol medication.


Second Place

Anne Lash

Lost 4 lbs., 6 3/8 inches, and 3% body fat

“Having placed second at the “I lost it at the Club” contest, I would like to thank Matt, Chris, and Shirley for all their support.  Even when I thought my workout was not having the desired results, their encouragement helped me continue.  The final results were surprising and amazing”


Third Place

Debbie West

Lost 4 lbs, 1.5 inches and 7.5 % body fat



We hope that these results will inspire you to reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

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