The Moore Organization Receives $18.4 Million Grant to Subsidize E-Learning Initiative

Grand Island, New York, USA – April 11, 2003: The Moore Organization, Inc. announced today that is has received a grant to fund and subsidize online learning activities within M-Learner.NET.  M-Learner.Net is an online learning portal that hosts over 270 business, computer and safety courses.  This grant totaling $18,406,250.00 will assist individuals, businesses, and organizations in improving job skills, personnel development and job growth / retention initiatives. 

Through this program the grant will fund 125,000 seats within M-Learner.NET totaling $16,406,250.  The grant program will subsidize 75% of the $175.00 subscription costs associated with M-Learner.NET.  These funds dramatically reduce the cost per user to only $43.75.  Users will have one year to take as many courses within the online learning portal as they choose. 

Individuals wishing to receive funding for a seat within this program may use enrollment key EGRANT.  By entering this key on the student enrollment form located on the M-Learner.NET site individuals will be able to access the online courses without submitting a funding application.  Businesses and organizations may request seats by submitting an application.  Through this program businesses may only request up to 100 seats per application.  Government agencies and educational resources may request up to 500 seats per application. 

Under the same grant allocation another $2,000,000 is available to businesses and organizations to develop custom E-learning portals.  These funds would be made available to subsidize 50% of the costs associated with creating and hosting a custom Solutions™ Learning Portal.  Funding allocations are limited to $100,000 per application.

Applications for funding under both programs are available for download at the M-Learner.NET site.

“We are pleased to be apart of this initiative”, stated Jamie C. Moore President and CEO of The Moore Organization, Inc. “We believe this program will assist individuals in increasing their job skills and knowledge in a time when the economy is dealing many individuals a hard blow.”

The Moore Organization, Inc. is an international management consulting and training company with offices located in Grand Island, New York and Hamilton, Ontario.