Funds to operate the Foundation are received from  “Share the Happiness” campaign at Christmas time.

Other donations from Grand Island service organizations, businesses, churches, schools, memorials, and

individuals are received during the year. Whether through payroll deductions or individual contributions,

all donations are greatly appreciated.




     Any Grand Island individual or family in need may apply.  Since the Foundation is funded through the

generosity and goodwill of the people of Grand Island, assistance is limited to Island residents.


      Our goal is to help families in crisis.  The hardship might be caused by a delay in welfare or insurance

payments or in the processing of food stamp applications.  Our aid could be in the form of groceries, or it

might be a payments toward rent, utility or assist with direction for medical needs.





     Information in regard to someone in need usually is supplied to the Foundation by family, neighbors,

churches or schools.  Referrals may also come from friends or the clients themselves.  Our phone

number appears weekly in Island newspapers and at






     Any member of the Board of Directors may authorize limited emergency assistance for a family in need.

Large expenditures, however, must be discussed and voted on by the Board of Directors.  Requests for assistance are thoroughly investigated before action is taken.  The total resources of the Foundation are donations made by people of the community, therefore, the help we extend can only be of a temporary

nature.  Most of our efforts have been concentrated on getting people through a crisis when there is no

other help available.  The Foundation supplies a unique service to our community.


Help is prompt, compassionate, and confidential.