Lloyd C. Douglas’



Adapted by John McGreevey

Directed by Jeff Stone


Marcellus, a Roman tribune, has been exiled, and in Jerusalem it becomes his duty to crucify a Galilean.  Although he believes the man innocent, he obeys, and also tosses dice for the simple homespun robe which the Galilean wore.  Then he becomes a desperately troubled man, so that even though permitted to return to Rome, where his family and the woman he loves await, he is restless, obsessed with thoughts of the Galilean and the persecuted Christians.  He turns more and more to the Galilean, but hesitates at accepting him as divine.  Then, at last, in a final scene of tremendous redemption and power, he is forced to make a fateful decision between his emperor and his new-found faith.  The play is based on the best-selling novel and Academy Award-winning movie (starring Richard Burton, Victor Mature and Jean Simmons) of the same name.


The Players:


Zach Presutti (Stephanos)

David Karb (Fulvius)

Rita Tanguay (Theodosia)

Ruth Englert (Sarah)

Robyn Bobak (Lucia)

Rick Cooney (Quintus)

John Wrzos (Melas)

Linda Burkhart (Diana)

Karen Conboy (Rhoda)

Lou Panzica (Demetrius)

Diane Quackenbush (Helen)

Shawn Carey (Simon Peter)

Kevin Rustowicz (Marcellus)

Lisa Mazurek (Cornelia)

Robert Priest (Tiberius)

Steve Olszewski (Paulus)

Jim Watz (Senator Gallio)

Rev. Mark Illig (Caligula)

Rev. Paul Nogaro

(Pontius Pilate)

Daniela Schmidt (Phoebe)

Kathy Kovacs (Salome)

Mike Lombardo (Sarpedon)


The Details:


What:               “The Robe”:  A stage production by the St. Stephen Parish Players.


When:              Friday, April 20          (7:30 p.m. show time--$12 ticket includes complimentary hors                                                  d’oeuvre buffet at 7:00; cash bar)

                        Saturday, April 21      (7:30 p.m. show time--$17 ticket includes sit-down Italian dinner                                                          and wine at 6:00; cash bar)                                                                              Sunday, April 22             (1:00 p.m. show time--$6 ticket; cash snack bar before show and                                                         during intermission)


Where:             St. Stephen School cafeteria, 2080 Baseline Road, Grand Island, NY


Tickets:            See reverse side of this page for ticket ordering information, or get in touch with Karen                         Conboy at 773-7476 or 848-5038 ( to arrange things.                These shows are expected to sell out quickly--reserve your seats early!

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