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Jerrie Page
Schneider-George Family
Hank Kammerer
Zonta Club of Grand Island
JT & Donna Tomkins

Alyssa Kolat
Peter Sloan
JoAnn Vanderheite


Dorothy & Al Rowswell
Alice Demmin
Liz & Greg Barker
James Boettcher
Mike & Julie Lockett
St. Stephens Parish Players
Mitch Nikolich
Penny Wages
Chuck Berlinger
Brite Ideas
Rick Raepple
Lynda Smith
GI Lion's Club
Wendy Card
GI DAV Ch. 168
GI Historical Society



Charles N. DeGlopper
VFW Post 9249

Mary & Gary Yaeger
Tim Phillips Garage
GI Snowmobile Club
Alice Demmin
Joe & Maureen Killian
Dale Morgan
Thomas Witkowski
Jerrie Page
GI Class of '75
William & Nancy Linton
Ladies Auxiliary VFW 9249
Peter McMahon
The Duysters
Julie Wilk
Chris Neuhaus
Barbara Glor Martin
Class of '69 Reunion
Trinity Methodist Church
Dawn & Larry Hillock

Eric Czora
Michael Endres
Richard Borowiec
GI Relay For Life

Douglas Lowe


Michael Cali
Elizabeth Barker
Patricia Haag
Jumpin Joe-Comm. DAV 168
Team Moose-Kateers
Nancy Anderson
Rita & Earl DeGlopper
Helen Watson-Felt
Michael Gill
Susan Grenda
Robert Pettitt
Sandra Smith
Karen & Jay Raepple
Diane & Jerry Doane
Northeast Machine
Ellen Faber
Jamie Michaud
Robert D Beach, Sr
Dexter Lewis
GI DAV Chapter 168
GI American Legion
- Post 1346
Adrienne & Larry Neutz
Karen Rose
Nancy Aydelotte
Brite Ideas
The Pasceris
Relay Team SRP
Dorothy Dillemuth
Margaret Sano
David Hughes
James Mesmer
Heather Hill
David Karb

Chuck Berlinger
Mandy Tomczak
Carol Ganster
Fred Schutt
James O'Dea
Bernice Pagliaro
Thomas Fleming
Paul Robinson
Peter Sloan
James Boettcher
Karen Vanthoff
Jennifer Moretti
Deborah Nowak
Bernadette Franklin
James Tomkins
Eric Stefik
Dorothy & Alfred Roswell
Bill & Arlene Rosman
Linda Tufillaro
GI Junior Vikings Football
Nora Klein
Brad Robinson
Dr. Mitch Nikolich
Bruce Allen
Carol & Gary Roesch
Kathy & Gail Lazenby
Emily Dahlstrom
Henry Kammerer
Michael Rayhill
H. David Meyers
Carole Ford
Sherry Bierbrauer
Julie Becker
David Hughes
Patricia Kormash
Christine Giambra
Barb Swagler
Nancy Sandford
Patricia Pullano
Carol Anne Nickoloff
Daniel Ford
Kevin Zoldowski
Peter Peresie

 There are two options for making a donation.

Send A Check Payable To:
1871 Whitehaven Road
Grand Island, NY 14072


Donate Through PayPal, No Need To Register.

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