Mrs. Ora Glor's 1st Grade Class At Kaegebein Elementary School - 1957

Pictured with their first grade teacher, Mrs. Ora Glor-Newton, at Kaegebein Elementary School in 1957 are: (1st row) J. Weyland, P. Leach, D. Barlow, Barbara Guenther (Eastman), Ann Tierney, R. Edmonds, D. Kaiser, Melissa Clement (Hill); (2nd row) H. Godfrey, Jean Janke, C. Johnson, D. Wunsch, W. Whitmire, Roger Butcher, T. Lautz, J. McCluskey; (3rd row) A. Stack, P. MacKendrick, Rick Passarelli, Bonnie Householder, L. Webb, M. Hamm, M. Kester, G. Smith; (4th row) Debbie Dixon, D. Bunnell, P. Everts, R. Rycroft, Sue Geary, G. Rindone, T. Quinlan. Not pictured are classmates V. Duchow, S. Weigel, R. Rice and W. Love.