August 29, 1949 Island Dispatch article 


The following is from the August 29, 1949 Island Dispatch article on the Buffalo Launch Club’s International Speedboat Regatta in the Niagara River Sunday, August 21, 1949. “Wild Bill Cantrell of Louisville, KY gunned My Sweetie, generally considered the swiftest speedboat in the world, to victory in the feature unlimited event, barely missing a world record despite choppy waters.
Mike Steffen won the race for service runabouts with his Egg and I. First, however, he battled a fire in his other boat, Mrs. Mike, almost put it out, saw it flare up again and had to sink the boat to save it. Then he administered first aid to his slightly burned face, scorched hair and eyebrows and to a deep gash on his right hand. His boat was pulled in by the patrol boat and he got it out of the water. After surveying the damages, Mike and his wife, Marian, who rode as mechanic, hopped into the Egg and I, zoomed to an early lead in the racing runabout event and skipped along ahead of the pack all the way.
Cantrell drove Horace Dodge’s big My Sweetie over the 15-mile course at an average speed of 77.754 miles per hour to win the feature by more than a mile over Guy Lombardo, the speed-loving orchestra leader who finished second in his Tempo VI. Cantrell missed the world mark for 15 miles by a little more than 1/10 second. He lapped every foe in the six-boat race except Lombardo. A lap was 2 ½ miles.