The SidwaySchool band, under the direction of Bill Pinkow, was only two years old when this photo was taken in 1953. Shown are (front) Teddy Klingel Linenfelser, MaryAnn Gross Bishara, Kathy MacDonald McKenzie, Betsy Kinsey Simms, Roger Webster, David Ames, Carlton Schutt, John Grycel, Sharon, Bauer, Tom Duncan, Jim O'Dea; (2nd row) Bob Smith (with horn), Peggy Boettcher Fuller, Corky Lewis, Barb Luippold Baker, Mike Senf, Ron Webb, Dick Prange, John Hall, Clyde Mayer; (3rd row) Ron Schutt, Bil Loth, Gary Corbett, Judy Campbell, Carol MacDonald Ganster, Bob House, Mary Olsen Becker, Libby Smith Borgese, Margaret Lapine Webb, Martin O'Dea, Peter McMahon; (top) John Fontana, Charles Pinkow, Sue Turnbull, Myron Ortolano, Dave Dusenbury, Dick Titterington, Roy Campbell and Doug Kutzbach.