Grand Island High School PTSA 24th Annual Geranium Sale

100% of the funds raised from this sale support the PTSA Scholarship Program

Pre-Sale Orders:  Monday, April 7, 2008 – Friday, April 25, 2008

(Make checks payable to :  Grand Island H.S. PTSA)

Order Pick Up:  Friday, May 9, 2008 (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM)  At the Sidway Bus Garage

Return order forms to:  Nadine Bakula 128 Trails End, Grand Island, NY  14072

To order by phone:  Nadine Bakula @ 773-1334

Send orders to your school office addressed to:  High School PTSA Geranium Sale

Name______________________________________ Phone ____________________________________


Geraniums - 4” Seed:   Red____  Pink____  White____  Violet____  Salmon____ @ $1.40  Total_______

Zonal Geranium - 51/2 “:    Red____ White____ Lt. Pink____ Hot Pink____  Purple____                      Orange____ Bi-Color (Pink & White)____                                                                   @$2.65 Total_______                  

Greens-41/2” Pots:  Asparagus Fern____ Spikes____ Vinca Vine____ Coleus____ English Ivy____

    Sweet Potato: Green____ Black____ Tri-Color____                                               @$2.45 Total_______

Patio Tomato Pots 19 cm: ……………………………………………………………… @$3.75 Total_______                                                                                    


Bacopa “Giant Snowflake”: Loads of Small White Flowers _____

Fiesta Double Impatiens:   Red____  Salmon____   Pink____  White____

Fuchsias:  Red & Purple____ White & Purple ____ Red & White ____

Ivy Geraniums:  Red ____ Pink ____ Purple____

Mexican Heather  “Lavender Lace”: Glossy green foliage/mini purple flowers ____

Calibrachoa “Million Bells”: Blue____ Red____ Pink____ White____ Yellow____

New Guinea Impatiens:  Red____ Pink____ Salmon____ Lavender____ Purple____

Scaevola:  Hundreds of blue fan flowers on trailing dark green stems  ____

Super Petunias:  Blue____ Red____ Pink____  Purple____                                       @$12.50 Total_______


Hanging Baskets:   12” Floral Combination Hanging Baskets                           @$15.00 Total______


Due to the unpredictable nature of growing plants, the nursery does not guarantee exact shade of flowers.