Who:                        Quality Quest Coalition


What:                  Grand Island Candidatesí Forum


When:                 October 18, 2007

                             7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


Where:                Grand Island Senior Citizens Center

                             3278 Whitehaven, Rd.

                             Grand Island, NY  14072                            


Contact:             Roger Cook

                             833-5416 (days)/773-1426 (evenings)



Background Information: 


The Grand Island Quality Quest Coalition will host and moderate a public Candidatesí Forum on Thursday, October 18, 2007 from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM at the Grand Island Golden Age Center. 


The purpose of the forum is to allow Grand Island residents to learn the candidatesí positions on issues of concern to Grand Island residents.  The audience will be invited to submit written questions to the moderator who will address those questions to the contending candidates.


Candidates for Grand Island Town Supervisor, Peter McMahon and Mary Cooke, have agreed to participate.  Mr. McMahon is running on the Democratic and Independence lines and Mary Cooke on the Republican and Conservative lines.


Erie County legislative candidates Michelle Ianello and Rus Thompson will also participate.  Ms. Ianello has been endorsed by the Democratic, Working Families, Conservative and Independence parties and Mr. Thompson has the Republican Party endorsement.


Other candidates for Town Board--Richard Crawford and Gary Roesch--are running unopposed.  They will make brief statements about issues they believe to be of concern to Grand Island residents.  (Sue Argy does not have an election this year.)


Refreshments will be served and the audience can talk to the candidates informally.


Quality Quest Coalition is a Grand Island residentsí organization dedicated to protecting the environment and quality of life of Island residents.