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                    2009 Independence Day Line-Up                    

Saturday, July 4th 2009

9:00 AM: The Dick Bessel Kids Race

9:15 AM: The Dick Bessel Road Race

9:35 AM Independence Day Parade

Parks & Recreation Director – Linda Tufillaro


Music and Sound System – Brad Georgal

Parade Announcer – TBA

       Parade Spotters –  Colleen George   

ALL UNITS MUST BE at line up location no later than 8:45 AM.

                         **Please submit your write-ups ASAP to recreation@grand-island.ny.us                        

This is the final revision.


Unit     Description  Location  
Law Enforcement Escort  ECSD, GI Police, US Border Patrol  Webb & GI Blvd 
Charles N. DeGlopper VFW Post #9249  VFW Color Guard & Car   VFW Post  
Erie Co. Ladies VFW  Marchers  VFW Post  
Disabled American Veterans car, marchers   VFW Post  
American Legion Post 1346  Military Honor Guard  VFW Post  
82nd  Airbourne Niagara Frontier   Marchers  VFW Post  
Vietnam Veterans of America  Chapter 77 Color Guard VFW Post  
911 Memorial Motorcycle Memorial Bike VFW Post
Caledonian Pipes and Drums Pipe Band     Sunoco 2024 GI Blvd  
Grand Island Town Board  Fuccillo Chevrolet Car,  McMahon, Cooke, Crawford, Roesch, Argy |
E-Z-GO Car
Town Clerk; Patti Frentzel  
Town Justices; Sybil Kennedy
Mark Frentzel   
Sunoco 2024 GI Blvd  
Local Dignitaries  Michele Iannello,**Senator Antoine Thompson , EC Sheriff Tim Howard    Sunoco 2024 GI Blvd
US Border Patrol Car  
Sanborn Fire Company Band Marching Band  Marston’s 1970 GI Blvd  
GI Fire Company  Equipment and marchers
GI Fire Company Ladies Auxilary Car 
Dr. Edward Rayhill   Car 
GI Golden Age Center Bus Sunoco 2024 GI Blvd
Miss Cathy’s Dance Youth Dancers Marston’s 1970 GI Blvd  
CERT Car Marston’s 1970 GI Blvd  
Riverstone Grill   Truck/Trailer Sunoco 2024 GI Blvd  
Lakeside Quarter Horses Horses/cart &golf cart  Grass Area opposite Marstons
Pride of the Island   Marchers Stay to Play  1875 GI Blvd  
Civil Air Patrol  Marchers Stay to Play  1875 GI Blvd  
Elderwood Health Care Trolley Car S tay to Play  1875 GI Blvd 
Boy Scout Troop 630 Float/marching/car St. Stephen's
Siberian Husky Club Dogs Grass Area opposite Marstons  
Ray Billica Truck/Golf Cart Island Pools 1865 GI Blvd.
Mark Frentzel Cart/walkers Island Pools 1865 GI Blvd.
GI Vipers Car Stay to Play  1875 GI Blvd  
Martin’s Fantasy Island Characters Island Pools1865 GI Blvd  
Knights of Columbus Marchers/car Island Pools1865 GI Blvd  
The Original Tonawanda Clown Band Unique Band  Marston’s 1970 GI Blvd  
American Cancer Society Car/Walkers Stay to Play 1875 GI Blvd.
Curves for Women  Truck Sunoco 2024 GI Blvd  
The Cristoforo Colombo Society  Float  St. Stephen’s  
US Coast Guard  Boat / Van   Island Pools1865 GI Blvd  
St. Martins in the Fields Float St. Stephen's
Island Fun Center  Go Karts/Walkers  Island Pools1865 GI Blvd  
Citizens to Elect Jim Sharpe Car   Island Pools1865 GI Blvd  
GI Chamber of Commerce Antique Fire Truck Island Pools1865 GI Blvd  
CC Diamonds Twirling Corp Batons/Marchers Island Pools1865 GI Blvd  
Grand Island Lions Club  Car/Marchers  Island Pools1865 GI Blvd  
The M.O.G. Marchers Sunoco 2024 GI Blvd.
Adrians Custard & Beef Marchers McMahon's 1849 GI Blvd.
“D” Company Gordon Highlanders  Pipes and Drums  Marstons 1970 GI Blvd  
**Niagara Frontier Boat Racing Assoc  Boats   McMahon’s  1849 GI Blvd  
Ambassadors Twirling Corps Twirlers   McMahon’s 1849 GI Blvd  
American School of Karate  Marchers McMahon’s  1849 GI Blvd  
Grand Island Dance Center    Dancers/walkers/car McMahon’s  1849 GI Blvd  
**The Moose Lodge #180  Float   McMahon’s  1849 GI Blvd  
Grand Island Ministerial/Crop Walk  Marchers   Sunoco 2024 GI Blvd  
**Niagara Catholic High School  Car/walkers  McMahon’s  1849 GI Blvd  
SereniTea Float  SereniTea 2014 GI Blvd  
Whitehaven Road Baptist Church  Float St. Stephen’s  
Niagara Royalettes Majorettes Majorettes McMahon's 1849 GI Blvd
Wendy’s Restaurants  Marchers/Car  McMahon’s  1849 GI Blvd  
McCarthy School of Irish Dance  Irish Dancers/Marching McMahon’s  1849 GI Blvd  
Ronald Stanke 77 Corvette  Mc Mahon’s  1849 GI Blvd 
Corvette Club of Buffalo Cars Mc Mahon’s  1849 GI Blvd 
Grand Island Republican Party  cars/golf cart   McMahon’s  1849 GI Blvd
Islette’s Elite Majorettes   batons/majorettes  McMahon’s  1849 GI Blvd
 **Erie County Democratic Party  Cars   McMahon’s 1849 GI Blvd  
Dr Huggs Car Wash    Float   St. Stephen’s
Sound Choice Audio  Unique cars  Sound Choice Audio