P L E A S E       P O S T




REGENTS EXAMS, JANUARY 23, 24, 25, 26 




A.M.   7:30  -  Arrival for a.m. exam


A.M.  10:10 -            Departure, 1st Dismissal


A.M.  11:10 -  Departure after a.m. exam and pick-up for p.m. exams  -  Names and addresses required for pick-up  -  Please sign up in class.


P.M.   2:10  -             Departure, 1st Dismissal


P.M.   3:40  - Departure after p.m. exams (back lot)  

                                                LAST BUS


                        REGENTS EXAM SCHEDULE:  Jan. 23, 24, 25, 26


                                                8:00  -  11:00  -  a.m. exam


                                                12:00  -  3:00  -  p.m. exam



*  NOTE:      January 26  - A.M. only  - No P.M. Exams or Buses

                                                10:15 & 11:15  - Departure Times  (1/26) 



Transportation During High School Exams: 

High School exams in January & June, are generally scheduled for 7:45am, 10am and 12:15pm.  If a student has a morning exam; he or she should take the regular high school bus to school.  During exams, all morning high school buses are scheduled.  Due to the reduced number of students riding buses, the bus may be up to five minutes early.  The bus will pick up students at their regular bus stop. 


                                                During exams, high school students may ride the middle school buses to school for 10am exams.  The buses arrive at the MS at 9:20am.  Students must board the bus at a MS bus stop or contact the Transportation Center for special arrangements. 


                                                At approximately 11:15am, five buses will leave the HS to home deliver students who have finished their morning exam.


                                                Students who require a ride for the 12:15pm exams must sign up in advance with their teachers during class.  A daily sheet will be available for them to list their names, address, and phone number.  Students must be ready by 11:15am at their regular bus stop.


                                                Bus information for exams will be given during morning announcements prior to the exams.  If a student misses the scheduled bus, immediately call the Transportation Center (773-8890) so that special arrangements can be made.  This also applies if there are any questions. 


PM buses will be scheduled at 2:15pm or 3:40pm.  These buses will follow the late bus schedule.