Riverside-Salem UCC Program/Worship Schedule*

February-March, 2002


[All events are at the church cottage at 3449 West River Road, Grand Island, from 4-6 p.m.,

unless otherwise indicated. Sundays in BOLD; other items of interest in italics.]


February 10 Prof. Mike Niman, "UnAmerican Activities: The Role of Journalists in the New America." Mike Niman is a Professor of Social Sciences at Medaille College and is a nationally syndicated journalist; his columns appear locally in ArtVoice. He was formerly a faculty member in American Studies at UB. He is also an ethnographer and author of People of the Rainbow: A Nomadic Utopia.

February 17 Lex Liberatore, Campaign Finance Reform: "Clean Money/Elections in NYS?" Lex is staff organizer for Citizen Action of Western New York.

February 18 LASC Coffeehouse: Chiapas Media Project. Films: "The Strength of the Indigenous People of Mut Vitz" (27 min.); "Defending the Forests" (18 mins). 7-9 p.m., lecture room, 2nd floor of National Sciences Complex, UB North Campus.

February 20 UB Peace Coalition forum at UB, 7 p.m. (Call WNY Peace Center for info: 894-2013).

February 24 Sharing Our Gifts: Theme is "Boundaries, Borderlands of Being."



March 10 Ron Bassham, "Jazz, Blues, and the African American Church."

March 16 Indigenous Women's Initiatives [IWI] night at Spiderwoman Theater, Ujima Theaterloft (Elmwood near Utica), and 8 p.m.

March 17 WNY Coalition for Debt Relief. Learn about local work for global justice.

March 19 Tom Hansen, Director of the Mexico Solidarity Network, will be the speaker at the Fr. Joseph Bissonette Memorial Latin American Dinner at Canisius High School, 1180 Delaware (6 p.m. social; 6:45 dinner); $10 (checks to WNY Peace Center/Humanitarian Aid; send to 2123 Bailey Ave., BFLO 14211; info: 894-2013).

March 24 Sharing Our Gifts: Theme is "Wells, Pools of Possibility."

March 31 EASTER/Growing in the Spirit: Rev. Shirley Chan, "Leadership from Within: Out of the Shadow, into the Light."


April 7 BUSINESS MEETING; Interfaith Prison Pilgrimage begins.

*Call for confirmation/questions/suggestions: Shirley (992-3038) or June (773-1426).